Kärcher B120 W BP DOSE Scrubber Dryer

Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

Standard features of the walk-behind scrubber drier B 120 W Bp Dose include the Dose cleaning agent dosing system as well as traction drive and can be fitted with different brush heads.

Features and Benefits

Four batteries to choose from

  • Extended battery life.

Automatic lowering and raising of the brush head and squeegee

  • Brush head and squeegee are lowered automatically depending on the selected cleaning programme.
  • Another practical feature: the squeegee is automatically raised when reversing.

Easy handling

  • Easy handling thanks to logically structured control elements with colour coding.
  • Simplified use and shortened teach-in time.

Adjustable brush contact pressure

  • Electrically adjustable contact pressure.
  • Easy adjustment of the contact pressure.

Traction drive

  • Infinitely variable forward and reverse operation.
  • The maximum speed can be preset.

Straight, curved or off-set squeegees

  • Perfect suction on any floor.
  • Types of squeegees: natural rubber or oil-resistant polyurethane, slotted (for sensitive floors), closed (rough floors).

Dose cleaning agent dosing unit

Drive Battery 36 / 240 (V / Ah)
Max Area Performance (m²/h) 3,000
Brush Working Width (mm) 750
Vacuum Working Width (mm) 940
Fresh/Dirty Water Tank (L) 120/120
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 126.5
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,560 × 713 × 1,154
Kärcher B120 W BP DOSE Scrubber Dryer
Kärcher B120 W BP DOSE Scrubber Dryer
Kärcher B120 W BP DOSE Scrubber Dryer