Liftsmart PT15-2 Series Pallet Truck

Type:pedestrian pallet trucks



Max Capacity:1.5 tonne

Electric Pallet Truck

The Liftsmart PT15-2 electric pallet truck has been designed to provide the operator with a comfortable, ergonomic and reliable machine, perfectly suited to everyday materials handling.

Slide Rail Lifting Structure

  • The intuitive ‘slide rail lifting structure’ allows for lower abrasion and improved power efficiency.

Four-link Mechanism Chassis

  • When lifting the cylinder, the ‘Four-link mechanism’ chassis design enables better protection against side pressure, allowing a longer lifespan.

Spring Handle

  • Build in torsional spring handle enables faster rebound speed for efficiency

Optional balance wheel

  • The balance wheel upgrade allows for added durability.

Easy to replace driving wheel.

product action shot
product action shot
product action shot