Smart-Dig HX Series Hydro Excavation Truck

Smart-Dig’s focus on building safe, reliable, efficient Hydro Excavators protects your staff, your reputation and your project from unwanted injuries, service strikes, cost blow outs and time delays.

Each Smart-Dig is built with no concession to safety for the operator, giving an easy to use unit. Matched with the “Drop Box” technology insuring consistent vacuum compared to other Hydro Excavators using a cyclone system means an incredibly easy to use unit, safety for all and a market leading efficiency.

Two standard sizes:

  • Smart-Dig HX 4000 available on a 4×2 or a 6×4
  • Smart-Dig HX 6000 on either a 6×4 or an 8×4.

We can also custom build to the size that you are after and can also include a jetting unit and hose.

Model HX-4000 Model HX-6000
Chassis Fuso Fighter 1224 4×2 Fuso Fighter 2427 xlwb 6×4
Power 237 bhp 266 bhp
Wheelbase 5.21 m 5.65 m
Turning circle 18.2 m 19.4 m
Transmission Auto
Hydro Excavation Unit
Engine (Auxiliary) KUBOTA V3300T
83 HP @ 2200 RPM
129 Bhp @ 2200 RPM