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12 ft / 3.6 m Small Scissor Lift Hire

This compact indoor electric scissor lift is an extremely versatile personnel lifter with a platform.

  • The platform reaches up to 3.6 m and provides a reach height of 5.6 m.
  • Load capacity up to 240 kg.
  • Automatic pothole protection.
  • Emergency stop button tilt sensor with alarm.
  • Indoor only design.

This scissor lift is available for hire.

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12 ft / 3.6 m Small Scissor Lift Hire
Type: Self-Propelled Scissor Lift
Model: S036-RS
S.W.L: 240Kg
Working Height: 5.6m
Platform Floor Height: 3.6m
Platform Size: 1.29m x 0.7m
Rotation: 1.29m x 0.7m
Overall Length: 1.44m
Overall Height: 2.03m
Overall Width: 0.76m
Weight: 880kg