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26FT / 8m Rough Terrain Scissor Lift

Adaptalift Group has a fleet of 8m (26ft) diesel rough terrain scissor lifts available for hire from one day to as long as you need.

Units have a ground clearance of 28cm allowing them to navigate across the roughest terrain. The platform can safely lift up to 565kg, comprising up to three operators, tools and any necessary supplies.

  • Powered by the leading Kubota 18.5 kW engine
  • Automatic differential lock
  • Excellent Gradeability up to 40%
  • Outriggers positioned within the machine footprint
  • Built-in diagnostic tool
  • Narrow turning radius
  • One switch to deploy and 4 outriggers

Thanks to 4-wheel-drive and in-built outriggers, our rough terrain scissor lifts are the ideal safe option for working on construction sites, agriculture and farming.

This scissor lift is available for hire.

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26FT / 8m Rough Terrain Scissor Lift 26FT / 8m Rough Terrain Scissor Lift 26FT / 8m Rough Terrain Scissor Lift
Type: Compact Diesel Scissor Lift
Model: 10DX
S.W.L: 565kg (3 pers.)
Working Height: 10.28m
Platform Floor Height: 8.28m
Platform Size: 2.45m x 1.45m
Overall Length: 3.18m
Overall Height: 1.59m
Overall Width: 1.78m
Weight: 3,350kg