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32ft / 9.68m Electric Knuckle Boom

Adaptaift Group have a fleet of 10m (32ft) battery electric articulating (knuckle boom) lifts available for hire.

Rent for a single day, several weeks, or however long you like.

The Haulotte HA12 CJ battery electric articulating boom lift has a safe lift capacity of up to 250kg, comprised of up to two operators their tools and supplies.

The boom lift’s bucket can extend to reach a maximum height of up to 9.68m, providing a maximum working height of 11.68m high. The compact lift provides class-leading manoeuvrability and easy access to tight spaces.

  • Drive and turntable rotation
  • Tight turning radius 3.65m
  • Zero tailswing
  • Compact stowed height 1.99m fits through standard doorways
  • Proportional and simultaneous movements
  • Suitable for inside and outside use
  • Long working cycles

This scissor lift is available for hire.

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32ft / 9.68m Electric Knuckle Boom 32ft / 9.68m Electric Knuckle Boom
Type: Electric Articulating Boom Lift
Model: HA12 CJ
S.W.L: 250kg
Working Height: 11.68m
Platform Floor Height: 9.68m
Platform Size: 1.14m x 0.80m
Overall Length: 5.36m
Overall Height: 1.99m
Overall Width: 1.20m
Weight: 7,065kg