Frequently Asked Questions


+ - What is a PO and why is it required?

A purchase order (PO) is required before any works commence to ensure Adaptalift Group have been provided official approval from a business to complete the works.

Unauthorised requests are often rejected by accounts payable departments without an official PO.

+ - Why can’t we use names, initials and dates as the PO?

Unauthorised requests are often rejected by account payable without an official PO.

If your business doesn’t use purchase orders please talk with one of our service team on 13 22 54 to discuss alternative options.

+ - Why do I have to pre-authorise $500 for technician attendance on a COD account?

On breakdown service request a pre-authorisation is taken to the value of $465.30.

This pre-authorisation allows Adaptalift to dispatch a technician to site and diagnose the repairs required so a quotation could be developed for further approval.

Where possible preventative maintenance services are quoted in advance, pre-authorisations are taken in line with the estimated service costs.

+ - What oil do we use for the forklifts?

Adaptalift Group recommends and uses the full range of Valvoline oils on our forklifts.

+ - How do I know if the damages are chargeable?

Our fair wear and tear document can be viewed here, this document will help show you what is damage and what is fair wear and tear.

If something is identified to the Customer Solution Team as broken, damaged, smashed, torn etc. We will need to attend site and have the technician identify this.

A Purchase order should be obtained prior to attending site to confirm.

+ - When is my forklift due for a scheduled service?

Every 6 months or 500Hrs whichever comes first is the most common.

Different models have different service intervals.

+ - Can I receive a reminder when my forklift’s scheduled service is due?

You must be the main point of contact for Services. If you are unsure please contact our VIC Head Office and speak to one of our Customer Solutions staff on 13 22 54 (select option 3 for service) to confirm this.

Yes we provide service reminders by email and SMS. Call on on 13 22 54 to get an account set up.

+ - Can I get my forklift serviced before it reaches 500 service hours or six months?

Yes, the recommendation is to service your units every 6 months or 500Hrs whichever comes first, except for access equipment which is required to be serviced every 3 months.

However, it is up to you how often you would like your units serviced.

+ - Can I transport and deliver my forklift to a workshop for repairs without logging a service request?

Please contact our VIC Head Office and speak to one of our Customer Solutions staff on 13 22 54 (select option 3 for service) to arrange this prior to dropping the equipment off.


+ - What is a COD account?

Cash on Delivery (COD) accounts require upfront payment for product or services.

+ - How long does it take for an account to be set up before I can raise a service request?

Credit account setups including all necessary checks are normally completed within 2-3 business days.

+ - I have a PPSR on my account, how I do get this lifted?

Please contact our credit team on 13 22 54 to discuss all PPSR releases.


+ - Can I get a copy of my contract?

To obtain a copy of your contract please contact us on 13 22 54.

+ - When did my contract start and when does it end?

For information regarding your contract please contact us on 13 22 54

+ - Where can I find my unit and/or serial number?

The Serial number is located on the Load Rating Plate, if they are unable to locate the Load Rating Plate, the Serial number is written in the Service log book.

+ - Does Adaptalift Group conduct forklift licensing and training course?

Adaptalift Group is only a forklift and materials handling equipment dealer, we are not a licensing or training course operator.

+ - Who is my account manager?

Please contact us on 13 22 54 with your contract ID and company details for assistance in contacting your account manager.


+ - What type of tyres do I have and where can I find the size?

The size’s should be written on the side of the tyre and also on the load rating plate, if the customer can take a photo of the tyre and the load rating plate this will assist us in identifying the type of tyre the customer requires.

Identifying the colour of the tyre can also be extremely helpful as not all tyres are black.

Forklift Troubleshooting

+ - My forklift won't start. What are my options?

As with all complex machinery sometimes forklifts can experience problems that may prevent it from starting.

There are several reasons a forklift may not start, some easily identifiable and fixed whilst others are complex and require a high level of knowledge and skills from a trained technician to identify and fix.

One of the simplest and first steps of troubleshooting we recommend to all our customers is to make sure they are completing the pre-start routine for the unit correctly.

Below are short videos demonstrating the correct steps and order they need to be completed in for some of our most popular models.

+ - What if my forklift still doesn’t start-up after completing the correct pre-start routine?

If you have completed the pre-start routine and your forklift still doesn’t start, you will need to log a service job and a service coordinator will arrange for a technician to visit your site to inspect, diagnose and fix any issues preventing the unit from starting.

Alternatively you can call us on 13 22 54 and choose Option 3 for service. A member of our Customer Solutions team will be able to assist with logging a service job for your unit.