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By optimising warehouse racking and aisle widths, companies can increase usable warehouse capacity, negating the need to move to a larger facility. Adaptalift and Aisle-Master offer a free, no obligation warehouse planning service.

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Personal Approach

Highly detailed 2D and 3D visual models of how you can increase storage capacity without the need to move into a larger facility.

Increased Efficiency

Versatile counterbalance, side-loading and narrow aisle handling forklifts transform warehouse storage into an efficient asset.

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At Adaptalift Group, we won’t just tell you how our expertise can improve your business – we’ll show you.

Storage Capacity

Optimised Storage Capacity and Reduced Handling Times

Our complimentary warehouse planning service will find and visually show businesses how increased storage capacity can be found in an existing warehouse by optimising racking layout and aisle widths.

Optimised racking layout and forklift capacity can dramatically reduce handling times thanks to quicker truck to rack movements.

Increasing Efficiency

Effective Warehousing Increases Efficiency

A fully optimised warehouse delivers quicker turnarounds and increases stock levels allowing businesses to fulfil more orders faster.

Optimising layout and utilising the right forklifts and materials handling equipment increases health and safety including reduced driver fatigue and greater pedestrian visibility reducing the likelihood of collision accidents.

Design and Visualisation

Latest CAD Design Technology

Our complete warehouse planning service includes racking layout proposals, diagrams and storage density calculations.

One of our materials handling experts will provide customers with visuals showing how storage capacity can be increased in a warehouse created with the latest CAD design programs.

You’ll already know that when you require additional warehouse space, you have two options: extend your existing facility or move premises.

We offer a third option – by optimising your racking layout and reducing aisle widths down to as little as 1.6 m, you can dramatically increase your storage capacity within your existing facility.

In short: greater capacity means an increase in warehouse storage of up to 50% as well as lower costs. We’ll show you how.

Aisle-Master warehouse storage efficiency illustration - before
Aisle-Master warehouse storage efficiency illustration - after
Aisle-Master warehouse storage efficiency
Aisle-Master warehouse storage efficiency


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By combining all the features of counterbalance and narrow aisle forklifts, Adaptalift has the power to transform the way our customers look at storage, both indoor and out.

By optimising existing storage, Adaptalift minimizes costs, environmental impact, and product damage making your business more efficient.

Adaptalift’s bespoke approach means we can customize our products to meet the exact requirements of each individual customer, while our commitment to innovation and development means we are always looking for ways to push our technology even further.

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Congratulations! You’re about to experience the Combilift advantage. Combilift consultants work to identify the precise features needed to enhance your operations.

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Experienced designers will produce the specification for your unique Combilift. Your Combilift design is brought to life on our state-of-the-art production lines.


Shipments leave the Combilift factory every week destined for countries all over the world.


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