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Lifting equipment of any kind is an investment. But it doesn’t need to be an investment that breaks the budget. At Adaptalift, we sell second-hand forklifts and help Sydney-based businesses build their fleet without the price tag of buying brand new. With Adaptalift, you’ve got a partner that will provide you with the best in used forklifts.

We supply our partner businesses with access to forklifts and lifting equipment from leading manufacturers like Hyster, Combilift, Dingli, Yale, Aisle-Master and Liftsmart. When it comes to getting the best of the best, without the financial stress of buying new, Adaptalift has you covered.

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At Adaptalift, our decades of experience in providing our customers with the best in lifting equipment means that we understand the costs associated with running warehousing, logistics or manufacturing business. For smaller operations, the opportunity to buy cutting edge lifting equipment second hand, can be a great way to save on costs.

A lone forklift is often the workhorse of a warehouse or small to medium scale manufacturing. Buying second hand from a reputable provider like us at Adaptalift gives small to medium businesses the opportunity to work with the best and most reliable equipment – without paying the price you would usually expect. For greater flexibility, we also provide forklifts for rent in Sydney.

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At Adaptalift, buying a forklift isn’t treated as a one-and-done type transaction. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or second-hand, all of our lifting equipment comes backed with our guarantee of quality. We’ve also got a strong presence in other parts of Australia, so you can find us in Perth and Adelaide as well.

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