ThinkSafe Safety Program

Adaptalift Group aspires to provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment and to prevent injury, illness and impairment to the health of employees, contractors and visitors and ensure our operations and practices do not result in environmental harm.

Adaptalift Group's culture is driven by safety from the shop floor through to management. This belief is maintained through continuous commitment by management to consult and involve all employees in the management of the companies OHS and environmental policies and practices.

ThinkSafe represents the Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) Management System for the Adaptalift Group. Established in 2009, the program is aimed at enhancing the company's existing HSE systems, process and practices. The main focus being on employee safety and specifically meeting customer's HSE requirements as part of the obligation of a supplier of materials handling equipment and services. Our sales, service and safety staff work closely with clients to establish safe work practices and methods of performing the tasks at sites that then become part of the solution for our client.

Essentially ThinkSafe enables the business to operate in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner while also moving forward as a company with significant strategic advantages.