Used Forklifts for Sale in Melbourne

Equipment of any kind is an investment – and this is particularly true of materials handling equipment like a forklift. When it comes to making sound investment decisions on the behalf of your business, there are few places you can save yourself as much financially as when you make the decision to buy a used forklift.

Buying a second-hand forklift, instead of purchasing one brand-new, gives you and your organisation the chance to boost your materials handling capability, without the same up-front cost to your business. Buying a used forklift for your Melbourne based business is the perfect route for those only looking to make infrequent or light use of their materials handling equipment.

If you’re looking to buy your lifting equipment new, we do that as well. You can buy new forklifts here in Melbourne here with us at Adaptalift!

Used forklifts

Buy a used forklift in Melbourne with Adaptalift

Forklifts are the workhorse of any warehousing or logistics operation, and you want the most reliable option for your money. Buying a second-hand forklift with Adaptalift for your Melbourne based business is a great way of getting access to some of the best lifting equipment money can buy, without the price tag. Manufacturers like Aisle-Master, Combilift and Yale have built their reputation off the back off performance and reliability – and we sell those brands here alongside names like Hyster, Liftsmart and Dingli.

At Adaptalift, buying a forklift isn’t treated as a one-and-done type transaction. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or second-hand, all of our lifting equipment comes backed with our servicing expertise. Many of our second-hand forklifts are bought back from past customers, and we’ve taken care of the servicing and maintenance of many of those forklifts ourselves over the years.

Used forklifts for sale in Melbourne and throughout Australia

Adaptalift is nation-wide. That means that we can supply your company with the second-hand lifting equipment you need in Sydney, Brisbane and even Perth! If you’re looking for an even lighter going arrangement, you can make the most of your budget with a one-off or recurring forklift rental in Melbourne, or from any of our other offices around Australia.