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In addition to the large range of forklifts and materials handling equipment we supply, Adaptalift Group are able to supply a wide range of specialised forklift attachments and accessories.

Our wide range of attachments and accessories greatly increase your forklifts value by increasing their flexibility and by allowing the unit to carry non-standard palletised loads thus increasing their overall productivity.

Below is a list of some of the available attachments accessories Adaptalift Group can supply.

To find out how a high quality attachment or accessory can improve your materials handling operations contact our team on 13 22 54 or send us an email.

Forklift Weather Protection

  • Roof – installing a clear Perspex roof on top of a forklifts overhead guard, provides the operator some protection from inclement weather without affecting their above and forward view.
  • Side Curtains with Windscreen and Wipers – installing zip up vinyl side curtains and a windscreen in conjunction with a Perspex roof creates an easily removable fully enclosed cabin to shield operators from inclement weather such as rain. Windscreen wipers provide the ability to wipe away water on the windscreen allowing the forklift to operate during periods of rain.
  • Full Cab – for the ultimate in operator comfort a permanently enclosed cabin can be installed on the forklift.
Hyster forklift full cabin

Forklift Seats

  • Standard Economy Seat – a basic forklift seat offering economical comfort for operators that operate the forklift on an infrequent basis for short periods of time.
Standard economy forklift seat
  • Wingback Style Suspension Seat – the next tier of seat above a standard seat the suspension seat has inbuilt suspension and is fully adjustable to an operators requirements offering superior ergonomics and operator comfort.
Wingback style suspension seat
  • OEM Spec Replacement Seat – a high quality replacement seat engineered and built to original equipment manufacturer standards. These seats offer the closest replacement to the original seat a forklift is fitted with from the manufacturer.
OEM spec replacement seat


Fork Positioners

  • Hydraulically controlled fork positioners are installed onto to the fork carriage and allow the operator to hydraulically move the forks to be moved closer together or further apart individually or together. This allows the tyne position to be adjusted precisely to line up to pick up a variety of different loads or pallet sizes.
Forklift fork positioner

Forklift Extension Slippers

  • Tyne slippers that are installed over the top of a forklifts existing tynes can increase their length allowing them to lift longer than standard pallets and loads.

Forklift Slip on Jib

  • A jib that is installed over a forklifts existing tynes allowing the operators to hook up non-palletised loads to the jib and move them around.
Forklift slip on jib


  • Bale Clamp – clamp attachment that allows for the picking up and movement of baled up non-palletised goods, ideal for good such as cotton, wool, textiles and scrap metal.
Forklift bale clamp attachment 1
  • Paper Roll Clamp – clamp attachment specifically designed for the picking up and movement of cylindrical rolls of paper and similar products.
  • Rotating Clamp – clamp attachment engineered to allow non-palletised loads to be picked up and transported with the addition of a circular rotator that is able to rotate the load a certain number of degrees up to 360 degrees.
Forklift paper rolll clamp attachment

Rotators and Bin Tippers

  • Forward Bin Tipper – attachment engineered to pick up bins with the ability to dump the load forward for quick and easy emptying. Available in several sizes to suit different sized bins.
Forklift bin tipper
  • 180 degree Bin Tipper – attachment engineered to pick up large bins and raise them up above industrial bins or piles and then rotate the bin upside down 180 degrees to dump the load.
  • 180 and 360 Degree Rotators – attachments designed to be able to pick up loads and then rotate them 180o or 360o whilst they’re picked up.
Forklift rotator attachment

Carpet Pole

  • Attachment installed over a forklifts existing tynes with a pole that rolls of carpet can be picked up whilst they’re rolled up for easy transport.


  • Similar to a towbar on a car the attachment is installed onto the forklifts existing tynes and acts like a towbar allowing the forklift to move trailers and similar equipment.

Safety Cages

  • Steel man-up cages that can be installed onto a forklifts existing tynes allowing for people to be raised and lowered to complete tasks such as order picking, stock put aways and maintenance on high objects such as lights.
Forklift carpet poll attachment