While we do offer the largest forklift range in the industry, there are times when certain applications require specialised forklift attachments or accessories. We have you covered.

We have a huge range of forklift attachments for just about any application. Everything from paper roll clamps to double pallet handlers. With this much choice, there is nothing you can’t move.

Below is just a small list of the different types of forklift attachments we offer:

  • Bale clamp
  • 180° bin tipper
  • Carpet pole
  • Carton clamp
  • Container handlers
  • Extending forks
  • Fork positioner
  • Forward bin tipper
  • Paper roll clamp
  • Push/pull
  • 180° & 360° rotator
  • Rotating fork clamp
  • Safety cages
  • Side-shifting carriage
  • Slip on crane jib
  • Extension slippers
Forklift Attachments - Tyre Handler