Hyster LO2.0–2.5 Order Pickers

Hyster LO2.0–2.5 Order Pickers

Type:order pickers



Max Capacity:2.5 tonne

Low Level Order Pickers

The Hyster LO2.0 – 2.5 Low Level Order Pickers has been developed to optimise the speed and ease of picking from both sides of a warehouse aisle.

The intelligent design combines energy efficiency, reliability and ergonomics to achieve excellent operator pick rates and low cost of operation.

To move the low level order picker, Hyster has developed an easy to operate scooter control with fingertip controls for use when on the platform. The operator can also move the order picker to the next pick location without having to climb on board with the creep speed control on the side of the truck.

Low level order pickers have a 2,6 kW motor for high performance acceleration and travel speed to ensure maximum productivity over a full shift of picking. The trucks include regenerative braking, anti-roll back on slopes and offer excellent energy efficiency, allowing the performance to be set to suit the application. Furthermore, sufficient ground clearance means that warehouse debris, uneven floors or ramps won’t hinder these trucks.

The new low level order picker from Hyster offers one of the most efficient and cost effective solutions for the fast supply of customer orders. Available with a variety of options and fork lengths for picking to pallet or roll cage.

  • Welded steel construction frame to protect against impact collision in tough operating environments.
  • Sturdy front bumper protection options.
  • Robust pull road design.
  • 2,6 kW AC drives motor with high performance acceleration / braking and travel speed.
  • Automatic speed reduction on cornering.
  • Acceleration and braking can be matched to the stop and go activity required for each application (via console only, by Service Engineer).
  • Electric steering by scooter control.
  • Centre rider position.
  • Anti-pinning device, active for driver operation.

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LO2.0 LO2.0S LO2.5
Load Capacity (kg) 2,000 2,000 2,500
Load Centre (mm) 1200 1200 1200
Lift Height (mm) 120 120 120
Battery Capacity (V / Ah) 24V / 465Ah 24V / 465Ah 24V / 620Ah
Hyster LO2.0–2.5 Order Pickers
Hyster LO2.0–2.5 Order Pickers
Hyster LO2.0–2.5 Order Pickers