Used Hyster Forklifts

Our high quality used Hyster forklifts come in a wide range of configurations of lift capacities, heights and fuel types to suit a wide variety of customer applications.

In addition to offering our customers the full range of new Hyster units, we also have a large selection of great condition used Hyster forklifts available throughout our national branch network.

All our used forklifts undergo rigorous inspections and maintenance by a highly experienced and qualified technician before sale to customers, ensuring they’re safe and able to operate at optimal levels.

For businesses without the budget to purchase a new forklift, our competitively priced, great condition used or ex-fleet forklifts offer a cost-effective alternative way to obtain a high quality forklift to enhance your business operations.

Why You Should Buy a Hyster Forklift

Industry Experience

Hyster has over 90 years of forklift design and manufacturing experience. With a focus on meeting client’s needs, the powerhouse produces a full range of forklifts with lift capacities ranging from 1 tonne to 48+ tonnes. In short, Hyster is able to deliver versatile and dependable MHE solutions.

Global Strength and Support

Hyster has a dynamic global network of over 100 carefully selected dealers, each with the goal of providing their customers with superior customer service and support whilst keeping their operations moving and costs under control.

Hyster’s global presence also leads to consistent quality, streamlined processes, greater buying power and more configurations to meet client needs and preferences.

When customers choose Hyster, they gain a strong partner with the resources and experience to support their operations regardless of size, location or application.

Recognised Certifications

Hyster has attained global certifications for ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2001/2004 and is consistently recognised for its exceptional combustion-powered and electric-powered lift trucks and components.


As more environmentally-friendly zero emission initiatives become more popular with customers, Hyster is continually investing in and expanding in clean energy materials handling solutions that help customers meet environmental benchmarks without compromising on performance.

Innovative new technologies such as lithium ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cell technologies are providing greater cleaner productivity and performance as well as faster ROI and lower cost of ownership.

Regardless of the direction the future takes and the challenges that confront the materials handling industry, customers can count on Hyster to continue to provide solutions that not only address change but also help drive it.

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Contact us for used Hyster forklifts

If you’re looking to expand your forklift fleets with a high quality used Hyster forklift, contact one of our materials handling experts to be matched with the correct forklift.