Used Yale Forklifts

Yale is a globally recognised forklift designer and manufacturer of high quality forklifts and materials handling equipment. As a certified Australian dealer, Adaptalift Group offers the full range of Yale materials handling solutions to our customers nationwide.

To complement the full suite of new forklifts, we offer a full range of top quality used Yale forklifts for sale.

For businesses that do not possess the budget for a new forklift or don’t have the need to purchase a new forklift to operate on a continual basis, our high quality used Yale forklifts offer an affordable forklift option.

Before delivery to customers, all of our used Yale forklifts are inspected and maintained by a highly experienced and skilled technician. This ensures the unit is delivered safe and in optimal working conditioning.

Why Choose a Yale Forklift?

Customer-centric Innovation

Yale prides itself on designing products to fulfil one key goal: enabling customers to realise maximum performance through the creation of the most comfortable, effective and productive work environment for the operator.

Customer Consultation

Yale maintains ongoing dialogue with customers to better understand how they work and the challenges they face to help drive innovative design and development of new forklifts and features.

In-depth Research

Ergonomic specialists within Yale engineering work with outside experts to account for the specific movements required to carry out lift truck operation, and integrate them into functional product designs. We also conduct customer surveys and research studies to understand the complexities of specific industries and materials handling applications.

Concept Development

Customer evaluation plays an important role in our process for developing new concepts, helping ensure lift truck features reflect user-based feedback.

Rigorous Testing

In the early pilot phases, new features and equipment are rigorously tested and refined based on customer feedback regarding performance and operational characteristics to enable further enhancement prior to full-scale roll-out.

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Choose Adaptalift for used Yale forklifts

Are you looking for a second hand Yale forklift to assist with your warehouse operations? We are proud to offer a collection of competitively priced Yale forklifts for sale across Australia.

Contact your nearest Adaptalift branch on 13 22 54 to speak to one of our experienced team members about the benefits of buying a second hand Yale forklift.