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Battery Electric Pallet Jacks are fast becoming the backbone of many materials handling operations in Australia.

Increases in load size, travel distance and emphasis on operator safety have seen basic manual pallet jacks and trucks replaced by battery electric versions.

Full Electric Lithium-Ion Pallet Jack
1,500 kgBE

Full Electric Lithium-Ion Pallet Jack

Hyster PC1.5

The Hyster PC1.5 Lithium-Ion powered pallet truck offers improved efficiency, reduced operator strain and excellent cost of ownership.

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Powered travelling, lifting and lowering
  • Efficiency is tripled over a hand pallet truck
  • 6-second battery exchange; suitable for continuous operations
  • Intelligent Remote Control key option (Standard for Australia)
  • Re-charge alert
  • Optional large battery with 3-hour fast charger
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Hand Pallet Jack
200 mm2,500 kg

Hand Pallet Jack

Liftsmart Premium Pallet Jack

Ergonomic, economic and reliable hand pallet jack. Suitable for moderate materials handling conditions.

  • 2500 kg lifting capacity
  • Manual push and lifting.
  • Long-lasting durable chassis
  • Maintenance-free design
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Yale MP20UX
190 mm2,000 kgBE

Yale MP20UX

Pedestrian Pallet Truck

This Yale electric walkie pallet truck demonstrates cutting-edge design and reliable technology.

  • Brushless maintenance-free AC motor
  • Sealed maintenance-free batteries
  • Self-adjusting caster wheels
  • Sealed maintenance-free batteries with 105 AH Battery
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Yale MP20KUX
202 mm2,000 kgBE

Yale MP20KUX

Pedestrian Pallet Truck

The Yale electric walkie pallet truck MP20KUX combines both features and reliable performance.

  • Advanced AC control system eliminates the motor brushes, which limits maintenance requirements
  • Low skirting on main chassis
  • Side battery roll-out system is very convenient to replace batteries
  • Larger battery for longer run times with 210 AH
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Liftsmart S-PT18
1,800 kgBE

Liftsmart S-PT18

Semi-Electric Hand Pallet Truck

The new S-PT18 semi-electric hand pallet jack/truck from Liftsmart features full electric drive along with manual hydraulic pump.

  • Manual pump with Electric drive
  • Brushless drive motor
  • Maintenance free lithium ion battery (spare batteries available for purchase)
  • 6 second battery replacement
  • Economical solution for low intensity applications
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Electric Pallet Jack Advantages

Modern battery electric pallet jacks provide assisted movement and braking of loads.

This greatly reduces the amount of force an operator needs to apply when trying to move or slow down the load when moving around a warehouse, greatly reducing the risk of an operator injuring themselves when trying to move or arrest a fully loaded pallet truck.

Fully electric pallet trucks also offer hydraulic lift and lower functions that safely and efficiently lift and lower full capacity loads without the need for the operator to vigorously manually pump loads up and down. This feature makes electric pallet jacks safer than manual units as operators do not have to physically overexert themselves raising and lowering heavy loads.

Whether you’re after a manual, semi-electric or fully electric pallet jack or truck, Adaptalift Group has a wide range of units that cater for almost every application.

Our full range of electric pallet jacks are available for sale and short or long term hire at competitive prices.

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