Liftsmart S-PT18 Semi-Electric Series

Type:pedestrian pallet trucks



Max Capacity:1.8 tonne

Semi-Electric Hand Pallet Truck

The new S-PT18 semi-electric hand pallet jack/truck from Liftsmart features full electric drive along with manual hydraulic pump.

Lightweight and economical to purchase, these units increase productivity and efficiency.

Units offer longer operating life when compared to standard hand jacks with simple efficient regular maintenance.

  • 1,800kg lift capacity
  • Brushless drive motor
  • Multi-functional ergonomic handle with in-built LCD battery indicator (battery recharge alerts)
    Maintenance free lithium ion battery (spare batteries available for purchase)
  • 6 second battery replacement
  • 5km/h unladen travel speed/3.5km/h laden travel speed
  • Emergency braking button
  • Steel guard to prevent running over feet

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Liftsmart S-PT18
Rated Capacity (kg) 1,800
Travel Speed, Laden/Unladen (km/h) 3.5/5
Lift Height (mm) 120
Overall Length (mm) 1,552/1,622
Overall Width (mm) 550/685
Turning Radius (mm) 1,426
Battery Voltage (V) 48