Hyster J1.6-2.0UTT Forklift

Hyster J1.6-2.0UTT Forklift
Hyster J1.6-2.0UTT Forklift
Hyster J1.6-2.0UTT
Hyster J1.6-2.0UTT
Hyster J1.6-2.0UTT
Hyster J1.6-2.0UTT
Hyster J1.6-2.0UTT
Hyster J1.6-2.0UTT

Type:standard forklift



Max Capacity:2.0 tonne

Max Height:6.5 metres

The Hyster UT series provides the ideal solution to meet your less frequent usage needs without compromising on performance.

The Range

The range consists of three units ranging in lift weights from 1,600 – 2,000kg.

  • 1,600kg – J1.6UTT
  • 1,800kg – J1.8UTT
  • 2,000kg – J2.0UTT

Key Benefits


The UTT range has been designed and engineered with the operator in mind.

The ergonomically designed operator compartment has a familiar layout that allows operators to work effortlessly.

The range has a number of standard features and options that allow the forklift to be configured to meet the individual needs of most applications.

Low Cost of Ownership

The adoption of high quality robust components throughout the UTT range delivers a reliable operation with reduced wear and tear.

Maintenance requirements and costs are further reduced thanks to the simple, readily available genuine cost-effective Hyster spare parts.


The use of high quality cylinders with hard chrome rods reduces seal wear for long life.

A full-flow, low pressure filter on the return line keeps the hydraulic oil clean, which helps to minimise seal and pump wear.

In addition, this keeps the control valve in good condition, leading to low service costs.

Key Features

High Strength Overhear Guard

The profiled steel overhead guard features high strength materials to enhance reliability and operator protection.

AC Controller

European designed controllers optimise battery power consumption. AC traction and hydraulic motors improve precision.

All motors are easily accessible for easy maintenance.

Wide Low Step

Conveniently positioned non-slip step coupled with large grab handles provide easy and secure access to the truck.

Wide View Mast

Wide view mast provides excellent visibility of the load and operator’s forward field of view.

Thus optimising comfort, productivity and safety during operations.

Small Adjustable Steering Wheel

Small diameter steering wheel requires low effort, promoting light and precise operation.

The fully adjustable steer column can be adjusted to suit all operators optimising their comfort and convenience when operating the forklift.

Dual Drive Motors

The compact structure of the drive system provides adequate access for maintenance.

Precision cut gears are incorporated, leading to reduced wear and lower noise levels.


Safety and Compliance

*High visibility, shock absorbing mast as standard enables soft landing

  • Controllable mast lowering speed to avoid damage
  • Secure overhead guard, passed CE drop test
  • LED lights as standard
  • Operator presence system


*On-demand hydraulic power steering, with twin drive motor system, delivers superb manoeuvrability and low energy consumption

  • Excellent stopping capability – delivered through maintenance free oil immersed brakes and regenerative braking system
  • Simple and clear dash display helps the operator to be fully informed
  • Display with integrated performance selection functions
  • AC traction and lifting motors, with electronic control, improves performance
  • Sequential seatbelt interlock available to comply with Australia ISO standards


  • Hydraulic power steering requires low steering effort for precise positioning
  • Driver fatigue minimised by full suspension, superior comfort and lumbar support seat
  • Adjustable steering column and seat to suit all operators
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Low entrance step, large uncluttered floor space and ergonomically positioned pedals
  • Ergonomic handbrake and operator controls – maximising comfort


*AC traction and hydraulic motors reduce maintenance costs

  • Easy service access to the controllers – mounted inside the counterweight, at waist height, protected by removable cover
  • IP54 Design – protects the hydraulic and drive motor components
  • Readily accessible drivetrain – minimising service time
  • CANbus communication simplifies troubleshooting

Type:standard forklift



Max Capacity:2.0 tonne

Max Height:6.5 metres

Load Capacity (kg) 1,600 1,800 2,000
Load Centre (mm) 500 500 500
Max Lift Height (mm) 6,500 6,500 6,500
Battery Voltage/Capacity (V / Ah) 48 / 460 48 / 460 48 / 600
Hyster J1.6-2.0UTT Forklift
Hyster J1.6-2.0UTT Forklift
Hyster J1.6-2.0UTT Forklift
Hyster J1.6-2.0UTT Forklift
Hyster J1.6-2.0UTT Forklift
Hyster J1.6-2.0UTT Forklift

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