Hyster L05.0T Tow Tractor

Hyster L05.0T Tow Tractor

Type:tow tugs



Max Capacity:5 tonne

Electric Tow Tractor

Reliable, robust and durable; Hyster’s new electric tow tractor (L05.0T) offers a 5 tonne pulled mass capability along with having significantly low cost of operation and energy proficiency.

This truck is well suited for general warehousing, storage, distribution centres with cooler and freezer applications along with line-feed operations. Its wide variety of drive wheel options enables the tractor to work in numerous applications which can be tailored to specific use.

  • Offered in two different starting systems; the key switch or key pad to tailor for specific needs.
  • Hyster offers three different lateral battery removal options for charging.
  • The truck contains a creep speed button; allowing the operator to move the tow tractor to the next drop off location without having to mount the vehicle.
  • A console by a service engineer can regulate speed reduction around corners and other performance settings meaning high control capabilities.
  • The trucks work stand has a step height of 150mm and a width of 520mm; minimising the operator’s movements through easier passing.
  • Electric components have been attached on a unique support panel that is fitted with three fasteners for quick access.
  • The truck allows operator scooter control mounted on a tilted plate consisting of finger-tip controls which assists in reducing the operators arm & shoulder movement along with driver fatigue.
  • Universal flange (suitable for many types of connectors) ensuring a wide range of applications.
  • The truck contains a large battery capacity; therefore the truck can manage double shifts and the need to be charged is reduced.
  • Sturdy bumper plate protecting the truck from any impacts and damage from this; therefore minimising damage and any repair involved.

Tow Capacity (kg) 5,000
Engine Type High performance 2.6kw AC traction motor
Travel speed max 7.0km/h with load and 12.0km/h without load.
Battery 24v (465 or 620Ah) battery & regenerative braking

Hyster L05.0T Tow Tractor
Hyster L05.0T Tow Tractor
Hyster L05.0T Tow Tractor