Liftsmart ES Electric Fork Over Stacker

Liftsmart ES Electric Fork Over Stacker

Type:pedestrian pallet trucks



Max Capacity:2 tonne

The Liftsmart ES series electric fork over stacker is suitable for a wide variety of warehouse pallet moving applications.

Units are available in five unique models:

  • Duplex Mast: 1,200kg / 1,500kg / 2,000kg lift capacities
  • Triplex Mast: 1,500kg / 2,000kg lift capacities

Duplex mast models offer a maximum lift height of 3,540mm whilst triplex mast models can lift to a maximum of 5,095mm.

All models are powered by 24V/210Ah batteries that allow the unit to travel at a maximum of speed of 5km/h whilst fully laden.

Type:pedestrian pallet trucks



Max Capacity:2 tonne

High quality electromagnetic brakes fitted to all models ensure units are always safely bought to a stop when fully loaded or in an emergency.


All operating elements on the handle are easy to reach.

Electric power steering (optional)

Electric power steering brings effortless operation and easy manoeuvring even in narrow spaces.

The innovative AC drive system

Offers strong power, precision control, and excellent performance. A High strength gearbox with long working life. A durable hydraulic unit, good quality cylinder and hose ensure high reliability of hydraulic system whilst reducing noise emissions.

Standard battery

Long operating time with high capacity.

Liftsmart es5 handle

H +H shape mast

Improves the strength of whole stacker.

Tandem load wheels

Easier to roll over uneven ground.

Optional foldable platform & protective arm

Suspension foldable platform with protective arms. The ergonomically designed foldable platform in combination with protective arms makes operations faster and safer.

Liftsmart es5 mast

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Load Capacity (kg) 1,200 1,500 2,000 1,500 2,000
Load Centre (mm) 600 600 600 600 600
Maximum Lift Height (mm) 3,540 3,540 3,535 5,095 5,095
Battery Voltage & Capacity 24v/210Ah & 270V/340Ah 24v/210Ah & 270V/340Ah 24v/210Ah & 270V/340Ah 24v/210Ah & 270V/340Ah 24v/210Ah & 270V/340Ah

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