RP2.0-2.5N Series Pallet Truck

Type:order pickers



Max Capacity:2.5 tonne

Ride on Pallet Trucks

The Hyster RP2.0-2.5N Series Ride on Pallet Trucks is the answer when you need to transfer goods over medium to long distances. Choose from a seated or sit/stand model, both with a narrow chassis width for easy pallet positioning and loading/unloading of pallets inside trailers..

Both models feature an operator compartment offering superior comfort during long work cycles to boost productivity. The sideways seat position on the RP2.0-2.5N models offers excellent visibility in both travel directions. The stand/sit configuration of the RP2.0-2.5N offers maximum flexibility for the operator. Either way you can expect fast cycle times and outstanding throughput levels.

  • Tandem load wheels allow the truck to carry a wide range of loads and adjust to different work surfaces for smoother operation.
  • SEM motor technology provides excellent speed control, good acceleration and high start-up torque for superb performance and productivity.
  • Anti-roll back is standard and promotes safe operation on ramps or when loading or unloading.
  • A drive wheel, mounted automotive style to the wheel hub for easy replacement, is just one example of how we try to keep your maintenance costs low.
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