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Forklift Broom Hire

Mega SMB720 SweepEx Broom is available for hire from 1 day. Arrange to pick up from our branch or we can organise transport for you.

This attachment allows you to turn your forklift into a sweeper for fast clean up. Ideal cleaning solution for large mess and debris.

The broom’s 1,800 mm length allows for both dry and wet debris to be swept up into one convenient location for simple clean-up.

Forklift Broom Hire

Short-term rental of SweepEx brooms is the ideal cleaning aid for:

  • Warehouses
  • Industrial plants
  • Farming and agriculture
  • Expo and major event cleanup

Brooms are easily attached to the front end of forklifts via the tyne pockets and chains.

All brooms are manufactured using durable and robust materials with replaceable bristles available to ensure your broom never misses debris during cleaning.

The unique design of the brooms with minimal moving parts, means they require little to no maintenance throughout their operational life.

Why hire a broom short-term

Short-term hire of a SweepEx broom from Adaptalift Group when the need arises is convenient and cost-effective.

The broom can be hired on a short-term basis to assist with cleanup at the completion of a major event or a major project.

Cost-savings with broom short-term hire

Hiring the broom that can be fitted to the forklift can provide businesses with cost savings as funds don’t have to be used to purchase a permanent industrial sweeper in addition to a forklift.

The versatile forklift can be used for cleanup when necessary whilst still completing its normal materials handling operations.

Available for hire nationally.

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Forklift Broom Hire Forklift Broom Hire