Telehandler Hire Australia Wide

What is a telehandler?

Telehandlers are maneuverable hybrid units that offer the load lifting capabilities of a forklift with the lifting range of a crane.

A telehandlers telescopic boom can easily be fitted with a wide range of attachments to allow the unit to perform a wide variety of functions.

Advantages of telehandlers

Heavy lifting

Telehandlers are able to lift heavy loads up to the units lift capacity and height specifications including palletised and non-palletised goods when fitted with the correct attachment.

Telehandlers are able to move diagonally, this increased maneuverability allows them to easily access odd angles and tight spaces with their extendable boom, making them the ideal materials handling solution for confined spaces.

Stabilisers that can be deployed from the unit, provide extra stability and safety when lifting heavy loads.

Increased versatility

A telehandlers telescopic boom is the key to the unit’s versatility.

A wide variety of specially engineered interchangeable attachments can be safely attached to the end of the boom using the unit’s quick hitch mechanism.

Examples of telehandler attachments include:

  • Forklift carriages
  • Crane jibs
  • Scoop and bucket attachments
  • Work cage or platform

The versatility of the telehandlers and attachments may provide significant cost savings completing projects as it replaces the need to hire additional equipment such as cranes and elevating work platforms to complete work.

Telehandler product shot1 Telehandler product shot2

On and off road capabilities

Telehandlers are fitted with large robust tyres and feature four wheel drive allowing units to operate both on and off road.

Larger tyres better support the lifting and transport of heavy loads whilst also providing easy travel across the rough and uneven terrain often encountered on building sites, on farms or agricultural grounds and even mining sites.

Increased safety

A telehandler’s ability to hydraulically lift and maneuver large and heavy loads around sites reduces the need for employees to undertake extensive manual lifting tasks.

This can greatly reduce the chances of them injuring themselves through unsafe or repetitive manual lifting.

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Why hire a telehandler from Adaptalift Group?

Adaptalift Group offers affordable telehandler hire from all branches within its Australia wide network.

Our telehandlers are the ultimate hybrid unit combining the load lifting capabilities of a forklift with the lifting range of a crane all in a flexible maneuverable unit.

No matter what task you’re completing, what height you need to reach or what type of terrain you’re operating over, we have a suitable telehandler for hire from leading manufacturer JCB.

Whether you’re after a one day short-term hire or a long-term hire contract, we telehandlers for hire at the most affordable rates.

At Adaptalift Group we pride ourselves on providing customers with the best hire experience possible as such all our customers have access to Adaptalift’s industry leading after-sales support including a national fleet of service vehicles able to service rental access equipment on site and an extensive spare parts program offering genuine and high quality after-market spare parts.

Speak to us about rotating telehandler hire

Get in touch with Adaptalift today if you’re looking to hire rotating telehandlers for your next project. As an Australian owned business, we pride ourselves on providing customers with a standout level of service at all times. Look to us for support in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and across the country.