Hyster J1.5-3.5UT Forklift

The series features six different lift capacities ranging from 1.5T to 3.5T.



  • High strength overhead guard – profiled from steel, with high strength materials to enhance reliability and operator protection
  • Low step height – conveniently positioned low step provides easy access to the operator compartment
  • AC control – European designed AC controllers coupled with AC traction and hydraulic motors allow for precise truck controllability. Controllers are easily accessible for quick and easy maintenance
  • Small steering wheel – fully adjustable steering wheel with 8 degrees of adjustment. Low steering effort allows easy operation in confined spaces
  • Integrated motor, transmission and axle – The compact structure of the drive system provides adequate access for maintenance. Precision cut gears are incorporated, leading to reduced wear and lower noise levels
  • Wide view mast – The wide view mast can significantly improve the operator’s forward field of view, providing an increase in comfort and safety

Designed for Operators

Safety and Compliance

  • Controlled mast lowering speed avoids damaging goods
  • LED lights as standard
  • Operator presence system provides increased operator safety¬
  • Sequential seatbelt interlock feature and travel speed limiting with mast elevated available for Australia



  • Simple and clear display of speed, power, error code, working hours ensure that the operator is fully informed
  • The latest colour display integrated with functions such as performance selection allows the operator to configure the truck to meet different application requirements


  • Hydraulic power steering requires low steering effort without kick-back which allows for precise positioning¬
  • Full suspension seat reduces driver fatigue¬
  • Large floor space
  • Ergonomically designed hand brake


  • IP54 design ensures reliability¬
  • The controller assembly is mounted inside the counterweight and is protected by an easy to remove cover
  • CANbus communication simplifies troubleshooting

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J1.5UT J1.8UT J2.0UT J2.5UT J3.0UT J3.5UT
Load Capacity (kg) 1,500 1,800 2,000 2,500 3,000 3,500
Load Centre (mm) 500 500 500 500 500 500
Maximum Lift Height (mm) 6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000
Engine Type Battery Electric Battery Electric Battery Electric Battery Electric Battery Electric Battery Electric
Hyster J1.5-3.5UT Forklift
Hyster J1.5-3.5UT Forklift
Hyster J1.5-3.5UT Forklift
Hyster J1.5-3.5UT Forklift
Hyster J1.5-3.5UT Forklift