Liftsmart IC Tow Tractor 

The Liftsmart internal combustion tow tractor offers easy and efficient towing of loads.

Available in seven different diesel models, the tow tractor is ideal for applications such as:

  • Airport baggage handling
  • Stock and good transfers
  • Warehousing


Liftsmart IC Tow Tractor

Safety & Reliability

  • The tractor has the strength and stability to safely tow heavy loads from 26,000kg
  • The tow tractors low body design allows it to safely manoeuvre under and around congested areas without causing damage to the tractor or objects in the surrounding area such as aircraft wings.
  • Installed safe lock and self-locking function prevent the traction pin from being dislodged during operations.
  • The units electrical switch can automatically cut power to the tug in the event of an emergency.

Environmental Protection

  • Low speed high torque engine combined with a high efficiency transmission ensures power availability with high efficiency, offering excellent operational economy.
  • Advanced LPG fuel system is environmentally friendly and economical, engine emission levels adhere to strict national standards.


  • Newly designed digital dashboard and rocker switch on/off button allows operators to clearly see the tractors status.
  • A horizontally installed cylinder steering axle combined with full hydraulic steering gears results in a steering force of less than 10N.
  • Optional synchronous steering system provides increase stability suitable for long-distance travel in areas such as airport service roads.
  • An advanced floating suspension system and extended wheelbase design provide optimum operator comfort when driving the tractor.
  • Optimised design ensures operators have high visibility at all times when driving.

Easy Maintenance

  • Well planned electrical cable routing and positioning of electrical controllers promotes easy electrical maintenance.


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Drive Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel
Engine Type Cummins/QSF2.8t3TC72 Cummins/QSF2.8t3TC72 Cummins/QSF2.8t3TC72 Yamar/4TNE98 Yamar/4TNE98 Yamar/4TNE98
Transmission Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Liftsmart IC Tow Tractor
Liftsmart IC Tow Tractor
Liftsmart IC Tow Tractor
Liftsmart IC Tow Tractor

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