Reach Trucks and Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Reach trucks are the ideal materials handling solution for working in narrow aisle or high vertical lift applications.

Our range of reach trucks offer safe lifting between 1.4 – 2.5 tonne, with lift heights up to a maximum 12.5 metres.

The wheel base of reach truck is the same as a counterbalance forklift, but the truck’s body is more compact. The load is moved within the wheel base meaning less of the load is left protruding from the reach truck. This allows the unit to operate in narrower aisles.

Reach trucks are engineered with two outer legs that distribute and support the load weight.

Reach truck masts are specifically designed to support and lift loads higher than standard counterbalance forklifts.

Our range of reach trucks offer safe lifting weights between 1.4 – 2.5T with lift heights up to a maximum 12.5 metres.

Types of Reach Trucks

Pantograph Reach Trucks

Pantograph reach trucks utilise a scissor design reach mechanism that allow the tynes to be extended and retracted.

Pantograph reach trucks are specifically engineered to allow the tynes to extend and reach into racking with either a single or double pallet configuration.

Moving Mast Reach Trucks

Moving mast reach trucks utilise a hydraulic rail based system that allow the entire mast and tyne to extend and retract.

The key difference between a pantograph and moving mast reach trucks is that moving mast units are unable to access double deep racking without the installation of tyne extension attachment.

Benefits of Reach Trucks

Narrow Aisle Operation

Reach trucks ability to move sideways allow warehouse racking to be installed closer together resulting in narrower aisle widths when compared to the aisle widths to accommodate the turning circles of counterbalance forklifts.

This allows warehouses to reclaim space to install extra racking to store more profitable goods.

Extra Reach Height

As the name suggests reach trucks are able to safely lift loads higher than counterbalance forklifts.

Lift heights can be up to a maximum of 12.5 metres, allowing warehouses to better utilise available vertical storage space to store a larger range of profitable goods for sale.

Double Deep Racking

Another way reach trucks assist in increasing storage is the implementation of double deep racking where racking is setup to accommodate two pallets in a single bay.

Pantograph reach trucks provide the ability for the tynes to be extended further into the racking to retrieve second pallets.

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