Diesel Forklifts

High performance feature packed diesel forklifts capable of operating in the toughest conditions.

With the extra power required to lift and manoeuvre the heaviest loads, diesel forklifts are specifically designed for heavy lifting applications.

Commonly referred to as a ‘combustion engine forklift’ Adaptalift Group offers one of Australia’s largest ranges of high powered new diesel forklifts for sale. Our full range of diesel forklifts are manufactured by globally recognised industry leaders including Hyster, Yale and Combilift.

Types of diesel forklifts for sale

Our range of diesel forklifts aren’t just restricted to standard forklifts. We offer a variety of specialist diesel powered units for specific lifting applications, including:

  • Diesel powered straddle carriers ideal for safely handling containers and other oversized loads
  • Diesel high powered long load handling, narrow aisle multi-directional forklifts
  • Rough terrain forklifts specifically designed with high clearance and large tires for operating on construction sites or across uneven ground
  • High capacity counterbalance forklifts
  • Laden and unladen container handlers
  • Container handling and intermodal reach stackers for high density container stacking

Our large variety of diesel forklifts offer standard safe lifting capacities ranging from 1,500kg (1.5T) up to a maximum of 52,000kg (52T). Some units, such as Reach Stackers and straddle carriers, can be custom engineered to safely lift loads up to 100T.

Diesel forklift Diesel forklift

Advantages of Diesel Forklifts

Diesel forklifts offer many advantages over LPG and battery electric units, such as:

  • Increased levels of torque that allow the unit to safely lift the heaviest loads
  • Simpler internal workings making forklifts more reliable, and maintenance easier
  • Diesel fuel lasts longer than other fuel types, powering the forklift for longer
  • Quick refuelling via a bowser system similar to a car at a petrol station, which allows work to resume faster

Diesel Forklift Emission Standards

For customers looking for a more environmentally friendly lifting solution, the majority of our new diesel forklifts are powered by stage IIIB diesel engines that have significantly reduced exhaust gas emissions that comply with stricter emission standards.

Adaptalift Group offers one of the largest ranges of new diesel forklifts from globally recognised manufacturers at competitive prices.
All forklifts sold are manufactured with durability, high performance and efficiency and high level safety in mind, giving our customers total confidence in their purchase.

Our entire Adaptalift Group team prides ourselves on offering our customers exceptional levels of customer service when matching the right new forklift with your requirements. Contact us today for a quote on our diesel forklift trucks for sale.

Diesel forklift Diesel forklift