LPG Forklifts

LPG powered counterbalance forklifts are the backbone of many warehouse materials handling operations.

Adaptalift Group offers a wide variety of new LPG powered forklifts to suit a large range of applications.

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We offer LPG forklifts in a variety of lift capacities, starting from 1,500kg up to 8,000kg making them a versatile materials handling solution for warehouses, loading docks and truck loading/unloading.

LPG Forklift Advantages

When compared to their battery electric counterparts, there are many benefits:

  • Thanks to the extra power generated by their combustion engine, LPG forklifts are able to lift heavier loads and have extended running times
  • Most versatile types of forklift LPG units are able to operate both outdoors and in well ventilated indoor areas due to their low emission output
  • Quick refuelling, taking only the time needed to disconnect and replace the empty LPG gas bottle to resume working
  • Extra power generated by the LPG engine allows the forklift to operate up and down gradient paths
  • Reduced ownership costs when compared to battery electric forklifts, as expensive spare batteries aren’t needed to be purchased, and a battery charging room isn’t required to be built and maintained

The Adaptalift difference

Adaptalift Group offers one of the largest ranges of new LPG forklifts from globally recognised manufacturers at competitive prices.

Our forklifts are durable, high performing, efficient and safe. Our customers can have total confidence in their purchase. Our entire Adaptalift Group team prides ourselves on offering our customers exceptional levels of customer service when matching the right new forklift with any requirements.

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