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Pallet Design Types

by Paul Hinz
Filed under: Forklift Basics

This week we take a look at pallet design types and the differences between the types of pallets which can be used within the warehouse. Previously we have looked at “a comparison of different pallet types” in regards to materials used to construct pallets.

This blog aims to inform you of pallets types which have many specific features and characteristics that you should be aware of when deciding on the right shipping solution.

Block and Stringer Designs

There are two different pallet designs; the block design and stringer design.

Block design

The block design utilises cylindrical posts, which separate the top deck from the bottom deck. Block pallets utilise both parallel and perpendicular stringers to better facilitate efficient handling

Stringer design

The stringer design utilises runners – wood components that run the full length of the pallet. The top deck is fastened to the top edge of the stringers.

Types of Pallets

Block Pallet

- A type of pallet with blocks between the pallet decks or beneath the top deck.

Block pallet1

Double-Face Pallet

- A pallet which consists of both top and bottom decks.

Double face pallet1

Double-Wing Pallet

- A pallet with top and bottom deck boards which extend beyond the edges of the stringers or stringer boards.

Double wing pallet2

Flush Pallet

- A pallet with deck boards flush with the stringers, stringer-boards or blocks along the sides of the pallet.

Flush pallet1

Four-way Stringer Pallet

- A pallet with openings at both pallet ends as well as along the sides of the pallet sufficient to admit hand-pallet jacks; full four-way entry pallet.

Four way stringer1

Non-Reversible Pallet

- A pallet which has a bottom deck board configuration different from the top deck.

Non reversible pallet1

Reversible Pallet

- A pallet with identical top and bottom decks.

Reversible pallet1

Single-Wing Pallet

- A pallet which consists of the top deck boards extending beyond the edges of the stringers or stringer-boards with the bottom deck boards flush.

Single wing pallet1

Skid Pallet

- A pallet which has no bottom deck.

Skid pallet1

Solid Deck Pallet

- A pallet fashioned with no spacing between deck boards.

Solid deck pallet1

Two-Way Entry Pallet

- A pallet allowing entry only from the ends as it contains un-notched solid stringers

Two way stringer pallet1