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Safety Tips for Using a Scissor Lift on a Slope or Incline

In this post, we’ll showcase elevating work platform units that are specifically designed to operate on slopes and inclines whilst also discussing some essential safety tips for safe operation.

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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Boom Lift

In this post we breakdown and examine the costs associated with hiring a boom lift.

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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Scissor Lift

Our short-term rental team are often asked how much it costs to rent a scissor lift.

Due to the wide variety of scissor lifts in our STR fleet there isn’t a standard rental cost.

In this post we briefly examine some of the factors that can impact the price of scissor lift rental.

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7 Tips to Operate a Scissor Lift Safely

Our Access Rentals Team often get asked for tips on how to operate units safely, in this post we cover some tips to increase the safety of operators and employees working in the surrounding areas of scissor lifts.

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Can Anyone Operate a Scissor Lift?

It may seem simple and easy enough for any employee to quickly access and operate a scissor lift or other MEWP to retrieve or put away a stock item once in a while.

No matter how short the journey or time the employee is going to be operating the scissor lift is, it is imperative they have completed the relevant operational and safety training for the unit.

This is particularly important so they know how to respond or shutdown the unit in the event of an emergency.

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Comparison: Boom Lifts VS Cherry Pickers

Both boom lifts and cherry pickers are forms of elevating work platforms that are primarily utilised to lift workers, tools and supplies up to height to complete work such as maintenance and installations.

In this post we briefly discuss the differences between the two types of units and the most common uses of each.

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Benefits of Micro Scissor Lift Hire

The Dingli S036-RS micro scissor lift is a premium EWP hire option that provides flexibility and versatility for a range of indoor and outdoor applications.

This week’s post provides a brief overview of the S036-RS unit and then describes some of the advantages of micro scissor lift hire.

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What are Order and Stock Pickers?

This week’s blog briefly profiles the different types of order and stock pickers available and looks at the advantages of utilising them over other methods to lift operators to complete work.

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4 Key Considerations When Hiring an Elevated Work Platform

With increases in elevating work platform hire, it is imperative that operator and site safety are the number one priority.

Hiring the wrong EWP or having inexperienced operators can increase the risks associated with working at heights.

This week’s blog looks at four key considerations when making a decision on which EWP unit is best to hire for an application.

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EWP Inspections When to Complete them and Why they’re Important

Under Australian standard AS 2250.10-2006 all EWP units including scissor lifts, boom lifts and telehandlers must undergo a major inspection every ten years from their date of manufacture.

As well as testing unit functions one of the main aims of the inspection is to look for and immediately replace any components showing signs of wear, fatigue or corrosion.

This week’s blog highlights the different types of inspections by law are required to be undertaken throughout a EWP unit’s life cycle.

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