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How to Read a Forklift Load Capacity Chart

20 October 2020

This blog provides a brief explanation on how to interpret a forklift load capacity chart to ensure the unit is not pushed beyond its safe operating capabilities.

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Traffic Management Plans - Separating Forklifts and Pedestrians

2 October 2020

This blog explores some basic considerations and solutions for separating forklifts and pedestrians that can be implemented as part of a broader traffic management plan.

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Adaptalift Group Covid-19 Update August 2020

5 August 2020

Dear valued customers,

I would like to provide an update on Adaptalift in Victoria in response to the Victorian Government’s significant tightening of restrictions. Adaptalift Group is able to continue to work in Metropolitan Melbourne & Regional Victoria. Adaptalift plays a vital role in the supply chain and we have been included under the group of businesses that can and will continue to operate to support the communities of Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

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Combilift’s Covid-19 Operational and Manufacturing Changes

2 June 2020

This week’s blog gives an insight into the changes Combilift Ireland has implemented to comply with Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines to safeguard their employees’ health, whilst allowing their manufacturing operations to continue.

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12 Ideas to Improve Warehouse Safety

20 April 2020

This weeks blogs looks at 12 safety ideas to improve warehouse safety.

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Forklift Safety Precautions for Operating in the Rain

16 December 2019

With increasing occurrences of wild and unpredictable weather resulting in heavy downpours of rain this week’s blog looks at important precautions and considerations to operate a forklift during wet weather.

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Ergonomic Scissor Lift Tables – Improving Worker Safety

11 November 2019

The repetitive motion of bending down to pick-up stock from the floor to then put away on shelves is a common source of worker injuries including back and muscle strains.

To assist in the prevention of worker injuries Adaptalift recommend warehouses invest in and prescribe workers use scissor lift tables.

This week’s blog provides a brief overview of scissor lift tables, their benefits and a list of basic do’s and don’ts.

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4 Key Pieces of Forklift Operator Personal Protective Equipment

16 August 2019

This week’s blog looks at four key pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) all operators should wear when operating or working in the vicinity of forklifts.

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Essential Order Picker Safety - Reducing Fall Risk

15 November 2018

One of the main safety risks for order pickers is falling from height when exiting the cabin onto pallets, partially enclosed platforms or racking.

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Common Forklift Related Injuries: Including Preventative Measures

5 February 2018

Common forklift related injuries and measures that can be implemented to further prevent or reduce the number of incidence of injuries occurring.

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