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7 Tips to Operate a Scissor Lift Safely

Our Access Rentals Team often get asked for tips on how to operate units safely, in this post we cover some tips to increase the safety of operators and employees working in the surrounding areas of scissor lifts.

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Do you need to wear a harness when using a forklift cage?

In this post we briefly look at the risk control measures that need to be implemented when using a safety cage on a forklift.

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How to Safely Move a Disabled Forklift

In this post we list safe towing instructions as specified by the AFITA for moving a disabled forklift and briefly examine some safety precautions that must be observed when moving the unit.

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Can a Forklift be used for Towing?

According to AFITA’s 2010 guidance paper on ‘Towing & Forklift Trucks’, forklifts should only be used for towing trailers and other towable pieces of equipment if it is designed to for towing and is rated accordingly on its serial/data plate.

In line with AFITA guidelines Adaptalift Group does not recommend any of our customers attempt to use their forklifts to tow any equipment due to the safety risks unless the OEM specifies it is safe to do so.

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Can You Use a Diesel Forklift Indoors?

Whilst there is no Australian standard that specifically restricts the use of diesel powered forklifts, Adaptalift Group strongly recommends our customers do not to protect the long-term health and safety of their operators and employees.

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Can Forklifts Tip Over?

In this week’s post we’ve discussed eight common ways that may cause a forklift to tip over either forwards or sideways.

We’ve also highlighted four safety tips that if adhered to greatly reduce the likelihood of a tip over occurring as well as four things that should be done in the immediate aftermath of a tip over to minimise the impacts.

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Common Warehouse Safety Signs

In this week’s post we briefly explore some of the different types of safety signs that can be used in warehouses.

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9 Common Forklift Hazards

In this week’s post we briefly describe ten common forklift hazards and how they can be mitigated to improve safety.

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World Day for Safety and Health at Work – Combilift

In recognition of World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28th 2021 this week’s blog in conjunction with Combilift looks at three ways their innovative materials handling units can improve safety at work.

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Combilift’s Covid-19 Operational and Manufacturing Changes

This week’s blog gives an insight into the changes Combilift Ireland has implemented to comply with Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines to safeguard their employees’ health, whilst allowing their manufacturing operations to continue.

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