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5 Important Things to Check if Your Forklift Doesn’t Start

There are several reasons that may prevent a forklift from starting some of them easily identifiable and fixed, whilst others are complex and require a high level of knowledge and skills from a trained technician to identify and fix.

In this post we briefly look at five key things to check in the event your forklift doesn’t start up.

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How to Bleed Forklift Brakes and Why it is Important?

This post explains why having your forklifts brake system professionally bled and maintained is critical to ensuring optimal brake performance for safe operation.

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How to change hydraulic oil in a forklift?

Hydraulic oil is a critical component of all forklifts, a unit’s hydraulic systems are responsible for both its lifting and steering capabilities.

Carefully monitoring the condition of and changing a forklifts hydraulic fluid when necessary is a key part of responsible forklift ownership.

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Tips for Storing a Forklift Long-Term

With a number of businesses temporarily shut or operating at decreased capacity, the need or demand for forklift operations may have decreased or stopped entirely.

This week’s blog shares some tips for properly storing a forklift for extended periods of times such as during shutdowns, inclement weather or seasonal needs.

Following these tips will ensure your forklift is ready to return to operation when called upon, reducing the risk of unnecessary delays and costs of
servicing or repairing the unit to ensure it is fit for use before returning to service.

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How To Conduct A Proper Tyne Inspection

This post will provide detail on seven critical elements of a pair of tynes that need inspection.

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Forklift Consumables for Self-Maintenance

Just like with a car, there are a number of checks owners can carry out on their forklifts to ensure it runs at an optimal level.

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Fleet Replacement and Lifecycle Management

Fleet management a term used to describe the management of a company’s transportation fleet.

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Knowing when to replace your Forklift Tyres

Tyre maintenance is commonly overlooked and it is often confusing when it comes to knowing when to replace forklift tyres.

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Forklift Maintenance

The level of maintenance a forklift receives is a crucial factor in its performance and longevity.

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The Optimal Time to Replace your Forklift

When running an efficient operation, it’s important to keep in mind the right time to replace older, less efficient forklifts.

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