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Australian Forklift Licence Classes - Which One Do You Need

In this post we answer some key questions on the process undertaken to obtain a forklift licence whilst also providing information as to which type of licence an employee may need.

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What is the best time of year to buy a forklift?

Purchasing a new forklift can consume a large portion of a business’s capital.

When looking to complete a purchase businesses will most often look for the most financially beneficial time to complete it.

In this weeks post we briefly examine some of the best times of the year to purchase.

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How Much Does a Forklift Battery Cost?

Before spending a large sum of money on a new or replacement forklift battery it is important to clarify some information, so you buy the correct battery for your forklift.

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Do you need to wear a harness when using a forklift cage?

In this post we briefly look at the risk control measures that need to be implemented when using a safety cage on a forklift.

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3 Reasons to Understand Your Warranty When Buying a Forklift

In this post we look at three reasons why it is important to understand what your warranty covers when buying a forklift.

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Maximising Cold Storage Space with Combilift’s WR Walkie Reach Stacker

In this week’s post we look at how Jordan International Transport was able to maximise their cold storage space in their new purpose-built facility in Moy, Northern Island by adopting Combilift’s WR walkie reach stacker as their warehouse materials handling equipment of choice.

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How to Unload a Truck with a Forklift

Unloading trucks is an extremely valuable skill for all forklift operators to know how to complete.

It is a necessary skill in a wide variety of warehousing and logistic roles including store person, warehouse worker and dockhands.

In this post we briefly discuss Adaptalift Group’s recommended safe way to unload trucks, using a forklift from both sides of the trailer.

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How to change hydraulic oil in a forklift?

Hydraulic oil is a critical component of all forklifts, a unit’s hydraulic systems are responsible for both its lifting and steering capabilities.

Carefully monitoring the condition of and changing a forklifts hydraulic fluid when necessary is a key part of responsible forklift ownership.

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How to Safely fill a forklift LPG Cylinder?

A common question our sales team and technicians are asked by forklift operators and fleet managers is how you safely refill a forklift propane (LPG) cylinder to allow a forklift to continuously operate over extended shifts.

In this post we look at how to safely fill a forklift LPG cylinder using a dispenser pump.

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Where can I sell my forklift?

In this week’s post we look at five of the most common places and ways businesses can sell their forklift and turn their unwanted asset into a profit or revenue that can be spent improving other areas of the business.

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