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What to Look for When Buying a Used Forklift

6 August 2020

Check out this guide from Adaptalift on what to look out for when buying a used forklift and you’ll be well prepared to make the right choice for your operation.

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What are the Most Common Forklift Types?

3 August 2020

In this week’s blog we profile the most common and popular types of forklifts and materials handling equipment to assist in choosing the correct unit for your application.

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Combilift Improves Safety and Efficiency Loading Long Loads and Containers

30 July 2020

Combilift Ireland has engineered and built a variety of unique and innovative materials handling units with the aim of increasing efficiency and safety across operations.

In this blog we briefly showcase two of these products the straddle carrier and container slip sheet that greatly improve efficiency and safety when lifting and transporting unconventional long loads and when maximising the use of available space when loading containers respectively.

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Choosing the best forklift tyre for low and medium intensity operations

24 July 2020

In this week we recap the criteria the needs to be considered to help determine the most suitable tyre compound, profile and size for your forklift, whilst also profiling some of the available tyre options from Trelleborg that are suitable for low and medium intensity operations.

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Choosing the best forklift tyre for high intensity operations

20 July 2020

In this week’s blog we list some of the key considerations that must be evaluated when choosing the best tyre, some of the benefits of choosing the right tyre and profile some of the available forklift tyres from our preferred supplier Trelleborg that are suitable for continuous or high intensity handling operations.

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Combilift CS Pedestrian Stacker Wins Prestigious 2020 IFOY Award

14 July 2020

Combilift’s CS pedestrian stacker has won the prestigious International materials handling industry award from Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) award in the category of ‘warehouse lowlifter of the year 2020’.

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Short-Term Forklift Rental Can Assist During Unexpected High Demand

2 July 2020

Due to the current global situation of Covid-19 a number of businesses such as major grocery stores and medical supply companies have seen rapid growth in the demand for their products.

This increased demand for products may lead to companies needing to bolster their fleets of forklifts and MHE to move and transport goods and supplies to meet the ever increasing demand.

One way Company’s are increasing their forklift and MHE fleets to meet this increased demand is through short-term rental.

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Combilift WR4 - Safer Pedestrian Long Load Handling

26 June 2020

The Combilift WR4 was the first pedestrian stacker to integrate multi-directional travel with features such as a pantograph reach, side-shift and tilting tyne carriage for handling long loads.

Following on from last week’s blog that looked at the safety benefits provided by Combilift’s C and CB series of ride-on forklifts when handling long loads, this week’s blog highlights the improved safety and benefits of Combilift’s WR4 pedestrian stacker for long load handling.

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Should You Finance a Forklift Purchase

23 June 2020

Thinking about financing a forklift purchase for your business? Check out this blog from Adaptalift. Contact our friendly team to find out more.

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Safer Long Load Handling with Combilift

17 June 2020

Handling long loads such extended lengths of timber, steel or aluminium can be inherently dangerous for operators and those working in surrounding areas.

This week’s blog looks at the safety improvements and flow on benefits experienced by customers upon their adoption of Combilift multi-directional forklifts for the safe movement of extended length loads.

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