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Essential Guide to Forklift Jib Attachments

14 October 2021

Forklift jibs are a common attachment that when fitted to a forklift expand its capabilities to become a multi-purpose lifting machine.

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Used Forklift Pre-Purchase Checklist - Part 2

7 October 2021

This week’s post covers the remaining four key areas for inspection from our used forklift pre-purchase checklist masts, batteries, warranties, safety and compliance.

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Used Forklift Pre-Purchase Checklist – Part 1

30 September 2021

To assist customers with their used forklift purchase we’ve created a downloadable pre-purchase checklist that details things prospective buyers need to consider before making a purchase.

Following the checklist will ensure you purchase a high quality used forklift that is fit for purpose and functions at optimal levels.

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How Much Electricity does a Forklift Use per Hour?

23 September 2021

In this post we detail the hourly electricity consumption of some Hyster’s most popular forklifts whilst also briefly examining some factors that can affect the health and performance of batteries that can impact fuel consumption.

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How Much Diesel Does a Forklift Use Per Hour?

16 September 2021

This week’s blog details how much diesel is consumed by standard Hyster 2T – 3.5T counterbalance forklifts, whilst also briefly examining some common factors that need to be taken into account when calculating a forklifts fuel consumption.

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How to Measure and Read Forklift Tyre Sizes

10 September 2021

Fitting and maintaining the correct sized tyres to your forklift is vitally important as it can reduce fuel consumption, increase safety and improve productivity.

In this week’s post we describe the process of how to measure the size of forklift tyres.

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Combilift C-Series Increases Forklift Fleet Sustainability

2 September 2021

For businesses that want to reduce their environmental impacts without compromising on performance the C-Series multi-directional forklift from Combilift offers four key advantages that can increase the sustainability of a forklift fleet.

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Custom Hyster Reachstackers Safely Handle Oversized Wind Farm Components

31 August 2021

Adaptalift Group through NSW Major Account Manager Kerry Grace have been supporting Rex J Andrews in finding a specialist tailored materials handling solution to assist in the movement of the wind farm components.

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Largest Manufactured Combilift C-Series Forklift Increases Safety and Efficiency

27 August 2021

Combilift Ireland recently delivered the largest custom specification manufactured 30T C-Series Forklift to BladeRoom’s factory in Gloucestershire, England.

In this week’s post we briefly look at some of the advantages of the Combilift C-Series multi-directional forklift that contributed to BladeRoom choosing it as their materials handling solution of choice.

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Nutrien Ag Solutions Improves Safety with New Hyster Forklift Fleet

23 August 2021

2021 has seen Adaptalift Group support Nutrien with the rollout of their new forklift fleet to approximately 185 branches Australia wide.

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