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How to Unload a Truck with a Forklift

12 May 2022

Unloading trucks is an extremely valuable skill for all forklift operators to know how to complete.

It is a necessary skill in a wide variety of warehousing and logistic roles including store person, warehouse worker and dockhands.

In this post we briefly discuss Adaptalift Group’s recommended safe way to unload trucks, using a forklift from both sides of the trailer.

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How to change hydraulic oil in a forklift?

21 April 2022

Hydraulic oil is a critical component of all forklifts, a unit’s hydraulic systems are responsible for both its lifting and steering capabilities.

Carefully monitoring the condition of and changing a forklifts hydraulic fluid when necessary is a key part of responsible forklift ownership.

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How to Safely fill a forklift LPG Cylinder?

8 April 2022

A common question our sales team and technicians are asked by forklift operators and fleet managers is how you safely refill a forklift propane (LPG) cylinder to allow a forklift to continuously operate over extended shifts.

In this post we look at how to safely fill a forklift LPG cylinder using a dispenser pump.

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Where can I sell my forklift?

18 March 2022

In this week’s post we look at five of the most common places and ways businesses can sell their forklift and turn their unwanted asset into a profit or revenue that can be spent improving other areas of the business.

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How to Safely Move a Disabled Forklift

10 March 2022

In this post we list safe towing instructions as specified by the AFITA for moving a disabled forklift and briefly examine some safety precautions that must be observed when moving the unit.

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Can a Forklift be used for Towing?

4 March 2022

According to AFITA’s 2010 guidance paper on ‘Towing & Forklift Trucks’, forklifts should only be used for towing trailers and other towable pieces of equipment if it is designed to for towing and is rated accordingly on its serial/data plate.

In line with AFITA guidelines Adaptalift Group does not recommend any of our customers attempt to use their forklifts to tow any equipment due to the safety risks unless the OEM specifies it is safe to do so.

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Can You Use a Diesel Forklift Indoors?

21 February 2022

Whilst there is no Australian standard that specifically restricts the use of diesel powered forklifts, Adaptalift Group strongly recommends our customers do not to protect the long-term health and safety of their operators and employees.

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What Type of Suspension Does a Forklift Have?

28 January 2022

Almost all counterbalance combustion engine forklifts have a ‘three point suspension system’.

This week’s post provides a brief explanation of the suspension system and other ways operator comfort is improved when operating across rough or uneven terrain.

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How much weight can a telehandler lift?

26 November 2021

Telehandler models range in size from super compact through to high load making each model suitable to lift different weights and heights as specified by the manufacturer.

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Forklift Tyne Guide

12 November 2021

Forklift tynes are an integral part of every forklift, they are used to support, lift and carry loads.

In this guide we explain common tyne terminology, discuss the different types of tynes available and provide some operating safety tips.

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