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When Should a Forklift Battery be Watered?

6 November 2020

This week’s blog seeks to answer the question of when a forklift battery should be watered and why, whilst also providing a brief overview of common watering systems.

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How to Charge a Forklift Battery

29 October 2020

This week’s blog briefly looks at safety precautions workers involved in forklift battery charging operations must adhere to as well as briefly explaining three of the most common battery charging methods conventional charging, opportunity charging and fast charging.

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New Lithium Battery Electric Pallet Jack - Benefits

31 January 2020

Manually operated hand pallet jacks/trucks have been a mainstay of materials handling operations for years.

As the size of loads and frequency of movements increase many businesses are looking for more efficient and safer ways for operators to move loaded pallets.

One advancement in the engineering of hand pallet jacks/trucks to improve efficiency and operator safety is battery electric versions.
In this week’s blog we look at the features and advantages of the Liftsmart PT15-3 battery electric pallet jack/truck.

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Forklift Battery Room Design

23 November 2017

This post will look at some key considerations in designing and placing a battery room, with practical examples of designs previously installed by Adaptalift.

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12 Safety Tips When Working With Industrial Batteries

9 May 2016

This post will look at 12 safety tips when working with industrial batteries.

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Designing a safe forklift battery charging room

26 April 2016

The use of battery electric forklifts continues to rise as company’s become more conscious of their corporate social responsibilities.

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