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Forklift Non-Marking Tyres Investigated

by Paul Hinz
Filed under: Forklift Basics

What are non-marking tyres?

Non-marking tyres are widely used to eliminate black marks on warehouse floors. Grocery or food processing plants are usually required to employ them in their factories namely for hygiene reasons. Non-marking tyres are available in solid, pneumatic, and cushion. The colours of these tyres may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but most are either Grey or white.

DSC 1454

What is the different between solid non-marking and standard solid tyres?

The majority of industrial tyres are black; this is due to the soot added to the natural rubber mix when these tyres are made. The soot is used to make the rubber more wear resistant by absorbing heat and protecting the tyres from UV radiation; which causes the tyres to age. Non-marking tyres contain silica or chalk to prevent wear and the addition of anti-oxidants to the rubber protects the tyres against UV radiation.

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Main benefits of non-marking tyres:

  • These tyres reduce floor marking; especially warehouse floors with light-coloured coating and surface finish
  • Reduces floor cleaning requirements
  • The core and base of these tyres are similar to that of solid cushion tyre
  • The performance characteristics are the same as black tyres
  • These tyres still maintain good traction, low rolling resistance, low heat build-up, load carrying capacities and tread life due to the use of silica based compounds

Limitations of non-marking tyres:

  • Higher costs are involved
  • These tyres wear more quickly; up to 25% faster on average.
  • They may not leave markings on the floor but they create dust invisible to the eye
  • As carbon black is removed from the tyres their lifespan is much shorter
  • Although we can’t see the worn rubber material on warehouse flooring, the rubber is still deposited just the same
  • White non-marking tyres do not have anti-static properties. When operating in flammable or explosive settings the equipment needs to be fitted with earthing straps