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Benefits of Automated Guided Vehicles/Forklifts

by Paul Hinz
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A 2016 article written for Logistics and Materials Handling states that:

‘Emerging advancements in technology such as autonomous trucks, 3D printing and warehouse automation will foster changes in how shippers, retailers and manufacturers configure their supply chains and distribution strategies’

The advancements will encourage industrial users to embrace and modernise their materials handling capabilities to meet the growing market demands.


The use of automated guided forklifts continues to increase with research showing widespread use by 2025.

Logistics and Materials Handling believes that:

‘A greater use of robots and other automated technology stands to reduce labour costs and increase efficiency. However, it also will stoke demand for modernized industrial buildings equipped to accommodate the design requirements and IT infrastructure of automation.’

This blog series will focus on the features and benefits of AGV’s whilst also providing insight into how AGV’s are utilised for specific industries such as automotive, healthcare and pallet handling.

This blog will provide a brief overview of the advantages and why companies should invest in AGV’s.

Benefits of AGV’s

  • Reduced labour costs with fewer employees needed to operate materials handling units
  • Improved productivity allows management to concentrate labour resources towards value add-on tasks and products, whilst repetitive tasks are handled by AGV’s
  • Reduced product damage installed sensors and load protection devices allow AGV’s to carry out precise and secure handling of all loads
  • Reduced facility damage installed sensors and software provide accurate vehicle navigation and obstacle detection
  • Improved efficiency seamless integration with production, ERP and WMS software, enable companies to implement accurate just in time materials flow
  • Improved safety vehicles move in a predictable and controlled manner with sensors for obstacle detection
  • Improved flexibility software tools allow for the easy adjustment of vehicle paths and operations, systems can also be expanded when necessary during peak times or even moved to a completely new facility
  • Improved Material Accountability integrated software accurately tracks the movement of all materials in the supply chain

The above listed productivity and safety benefits showcase the many benefits available to businesses when integrating AGV’s as part of their logistics mix.

To discuss your individual needs and the benefits available to you with the integration of AGV’s please contact us.

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