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Construction Industry Forklift Solutions

by Paul Hinz
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Forklifts are incredibly versatile and are utilised in the majority of industries worldwide.

They’re ability to lift and retrieve heavy loads from height makes them an invaluable asset to the construction industry.

All construction sites have requirements for forklifts to assist in loading and unloading of goods as well as transporting them around the site.

This week blogs looks at the types of construction industry forklifts and what tasks they are adept at carrying out.

Standard Counterbalance Forklift

Standard warehouse forklifts are a staple handling solution on construction sites.

Standard forklifts are versatile units that can be used for many purposes on a construction site including:

  • The movement of raw building materials around the site
  • Loading and unloading of supplies from delivery trucks
  • Fitted with specialist attachments such as a bin rotator the unit can be used to move and empty large industrial garbage bins

Hyster construction forklift 1

High Capacity Counterbalance Forklifts

For lifting heavy palletised goods on a construction site a forklift with an upgraded rated lift capacity than a standard forklift a high capacity forklift may be necessary.

An example of goods high capacity forklifts are ideal to lift include pallets of bricks, building supplies such as bags of concrete and prefabricated supplies such as piping.

High capacity forklifts with their larger wheelbase and tyres providing better stability and traction are able to operate across rough and uneven ground.

Manual and Semi-Electric Hand Pallet Jacks

A quick and easy alternative to using a forklift to move loads under 2.5T in weight are manual or semi-electric hand pallet jacks.

For quick movements of palletised goods indoors or across smooth surfaces manual or semi-electric pallet jacks are an ideal alternative to forklifts.

Rough Terrain Forklifts

For construction sites in early development with no concrete or tarmac driveways laid a rough terrain forklift such as the Agria all-terrain forklift will still allow for the loading, unloading and transport of goods.

With their advanced hydraulic systems and specialist soft tyres providing ultimate traction across dirt and uneven ground, rough terrain forklifts are able to complete the same wide range of tasks as a standard warehouse forklift with the added bonus of being able to operate across any terrain.

Agria all terrain forklift construction

Multi-directional Forklifts

Compact multi-directional forklifts such as the Combilift CB forklift are a great versatile addition to the materials handling capabilities on a construction site.

Not only are they able to handle standard palletised goods up to their rated capacity, their advantage over standard forklifts is their multi-directional capabilities making them the ideal forklift to handle odd shaped or long loads of items such as piping and timber in their sideways mode.

The units 4-way steering and compact design allows it to also operate as a narrow aisle forklift allowing goods to be stored and retrieved from being narrow storage areas where they have been stored closer together to take up less valuable storage space.


Telehandlers are the ideal hybrid unit for use on multi-storey construction sites, they have the range of a crane with the lifting ability of a forklift.

A telehandlers ability to lift heavy loads up to a specific height without having to engage the services of an expensive crane may provide extensive cost savings on construction projects.

Whilst forklifts are one dimensional in their movement, telehandlers ability to mover diagonally allows them to operate with loads that would be inaccessible to standard forklift.

Odd angles and tight spaces are easily accessible by telehandlers due to its boom and extendable arm.

JCB construction telehandler

The full range of construction industry forklifts and equipment Adaptalift Group are able to supply for short-term rental can be viewed on our website.

Alternatively to speak to one our team about a customised handling solution for your construction project contact a member of our team on 13 22 54.