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Benefits of Using Genuine Forklift Spare Parts

by Paul Hinz
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There are two main types of forklift spare parts

  1. Genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spare parts
  2. After-market spare parts

This blog examines the benefits of using genuine OEM forklift spare parts, whilst showing a couple of comparison examples Yale OEM spare parts.

Benefits of OEM Forklift Spare Parts

Yale forklifts offers a comprehensive spare parts and accessory program to all its customers.

Using genuine OEM forklift spare parts from manufacturers like Yale ensures your forklift experiences maximum uptime whilst having the lowest cost of ownership.

There are numerous benefits of using genuine OEM spare parts from manufacturers such as Yale when compared to using after-market spare parts, some of these benefits discussed below.

Parts are Rigorously Tested

Unlike after-market spare parts that can often be produced using inferior quality materials and components and rarely tested to ensure they are fit for purpose, genuine Yale spare parts are rigorously tested both on and off units to ensure they meet the most stringent quality controls before being sold.

Due to the stringent testing spare parts must pass before being deemed fit for purchase, buyers know they are purchasing high quality spare parts that will offer optimum performance and longevity.

This can lead to major reductions of part failures leading to unscheduled breakdowns and unnecessary downtime for forklifts.

Reduced Likelihood of Premature Wear or Failure

Utilising cheaper after-market forklift spare parts can have long-term detrimental effects on your forklifts performance.

When after-market spare parts aren’t manufactured using the same high quality materials or stringent quality checks as OEM spare parts they can often wear or fail prematurely.

When these parts wear and fail not only is it inconvenient for operations as the forklift experiences unnecessary downtime as it must be removed from service whilst it is repaired.

Prematurely wear or failing parts can also pose a large safety risk to operators, other staff members, goods and other equipment.

If a part was to fail during lifting operations there is a high risk of injury or fatality, damage to equipment and goods.

Forklift chain replacement

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Whilst it may seem money saving by purchasing cheaper after-market spare parts this may not always be the case.

Due to the higher quality of genuine OEM spare parts that are less prone to wear and tear or failure their operational life can be a lot longer than after-market spare parts.

Whilst the individual cost of purchasing an after-market spare part may be less than an OEM spare part, if the after-market parts operational life is only a quarter or half the length of an OEM part in the long run companies may be paying more for maintenance and spare parts as the OEM part doesn’t need to be replaced as often.

Each time the cheaper after-market part needs to be replaced costs the company money as the forklift is removed from operations, so if this happens twice as often than with an OEM part installed the cost of maintenance rises sharply.

Yale forklift maintenance and spare parts

Quick identification of correct parts

Genuine Yale forklift spare parts can be ordered online 24/7 through Yale’s parts portal.

All genuine Yale spare parts have a unique identification number that corresponds to spare part diagrams the specific forklift.

Using the unique identification number supplied by Yale ensures the correct part is ordered,

This ensures the part is compatible and will fit correctly with other parts and components when installed, unlike with after-market parts that may be hard to identify and cross check with official Yale part numbers and thus not fit correctly when installed alongside other parts and components.

Yale forklift part numbers

Large distribution partner network

Yale carefully selects distribution partners to be part of its network on the strength of their customer support capabilities and service ethics.

Their global network of over 350 partners ensure supply of high quality OEM spare parts across all countries and regions.

This ensures all Yale forklift operators have quick access to supplies of spare parts at affordable prices no matter where they’re located.

Example Yale OEM VS After-Market Part Comparisons

The below two examples shows the differences between Yale OEM manufactured spare parts compared to after-market alternatives.

Lift Chains

Lifts chains are one of the most important functional components on any forklift.

They’re an integral part of the mast and are attached to the mast and the carriage.

They’re primary function is to travel in conjunction with a forklifts hydraulic lift cylinders and are responsible for supporting the load when it is lifted and lowered.

Forklift spare part lift chain
Yale OEM Part After-Market Part
Better resistance to elongation More than twice the elongation
Longer lasting Shorter lifespan
Lower failure rate Higher failure rate
Lower noise levels Higher noise levels
Manufactured to proper specifications Manufactured often to incorrect plate hardness causing material to be too soft or too hard leading to pin failure
Tested and certified to ANSI requirements

Air Filters

A forklifts air filters primary function is to protect the engine from the ingress of any dust, dirt or airborne particles, whilst also minimising the risk of fire from an engine backfire.

Forklift spare part air filter
Yale OEM Part After-Market Part
Minised airflow restrictions High airflow restrictions
Utilises high quality cellulose filter material Low quality filter material
Strong flame retardant material that meets specific UL and industry requirements Little to no flame retardant material

This blog post has shown the positive benefits of only using genuine OEM spare parts for routine maintenance and repairs.

As the exclusive Australian dealer for leading forklift brands Hyster, Yale and Combilift Adaptalift Group Parts Division is the only supplier of genuine OEM spare parts.

To order OEM spare parts or for assistance in finding the correct spare part for your forklift give our parts department a call on 13 22 54 or fill-out a parts contact form and a parts team member will get back to you as soon as possible.