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Understanding the Fulcrum Point on a Forklift

by Natalie Apostolou
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As a forklift operator, one of the fundamental aspects of safe operation is understanding and being aware of the fulcrum point of the forklift.

Despite forklifts becoming more resistant and able to withstand rough conditions, the laws of gravity remain unchanged, therefore it is crucial to understand the balancing points during operation.

Where is the fulcrum on a forklift?

A forklift is equipped with a fulcrum, two resistances, and a counterweight. The counterweight, situated at the rear of the forklift, counterbalances the load on the forks. The load centre is the pivot point where the load and load sides meet.

The fulcrum of the forklift is where the counterweight and the load find an equilibrium. In simpler terms, it is the balancing point of the forklift. The front wheels of the forklift are known as the fulcrum point which is also the point of balance on a forklift.

As seen in the below diagram, when forks are loaded the weight of the forklift and load are evenly distributed to ensure the forklift remains stable.

Fulcum point

Understanding the Load Centre

The load centre of a forklift is the balance point of a load when evenly distributed across the tynes. It represents where the load achieves equilibrium, which is crucial for maintaining stability during lifting. Counterbalance forklifts depend on their load centre to operate as it also serves as the fulcrum point.

It is pivotal to understand the relationship between the load centre and fulcrum point to ensure the forklift is stable and secure whilst load handling. By identifying the load centre and following the forklifts rated capacity operators can optimise efficiency and safety in their work environment.

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Fulcrum Point

How to Find your Forklifts Load Centre

All manufacturers are legally obliged to provide a data (rating) plate for every forklift. This details important information such as the load capacity and other relevant specifications.

It is critical for all forklift operators to adhere and understand these manufacture specifications to mitigate potential hazards and promote safety.

Understanding your forklift’s Fulcrum Point is paramount for safe operations. By adhering to the manufactures specifications forklift operators can minimise risks and ensure stability to protect themselves and others.


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