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What Type of Suspension Does a Forklift Have?

by Paul Hinz
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Almost all counterbalance combustion engine forklifts have a ‘three point suspension system’.

This week’s post provides a brief explanation of the suspension system and other ways operator comfort is improved when operating across rough or uneven terrain.

Forklift Three Point Suspension System

A combustion engine counterbalance forklift’s three point suspension system supports the unit at three points regardless of how many wheels the forklift has.

The forklifts steer axle is attached to the truck by a pivot pin in the axle’s centre.

When the points are connected with imaginary lines, the three points form a triangle known as the stability triangle.

When the forklifts load centre falls within the stability triangle it is stable and will not tip over.

Forklift Stability Triangle

Forklift Suspension Seats – Increased Operator Comfort

Unlike cars and commercial vehicles that have full suspension systems, forklifts only have the above mentioned three point suspension system that is tied to its stability triangle and its overall stability.

To further assist with operator comfort when driving over rough and uneven terrain and mitigate the lack of a full suspension system the majority of counterbalance forklifts are fitted with high quality full suspension seats.

Suspension seats feature mechanical suspension that moves with the forklift when it manoeuvres over rough terrain providing shock absorption and reducing the impacts felt by operators from operating over rough or uneven terrain.

A full range from basic suspension seats through to top of the range OEM replacement air suspension seats are available for purchase and can be fitted to most forklifts to improve operator comfort.

Forklift Suspension Seats

Benefits of Forklift Suspension Seats

  • Operators can complete their shifts without injury downtime, resulting in more productivity for businesses
  • Operator injury risks is minimised, therefore reducing the likelihood of businesses having to pay compensation or cover the medical costs of injured employees
  • An overall reduction in business costs as operators work their full assigned shifts and replacement operators are not required to be sourced to cover the shifts of injured employees when they take time off to seek treatment or recuperate from injury

We offer a variety of high quality after-market forklift suspension seats at different price points to suit a wide range of applications and seated time-frames.

For information and assistance in choosing the correct suspension seat for your forklift and application or to purchase a new seat visit our online store.