Case Studies

ACFS chose Hyster for their adaptability and versatility

Stephen Melrose – Depot Supervisor at ACFS

“ACFS chose Hyster for their adaptability and versatility, they help us out.

These forklifts can do a lot of things the other forklifts can’t and they can get us into tight areas and it helps us with space issues and the turning around of our vehicles much more efficiently.”

Cameron Murupaenga – Depot Reach Stacker Operator at ACFS

“Some of the unique features are the spreader, I can actually boom out a certain length, I can rotate a container, I can get into tight spots, I can reach over, I don’t have to move as many containers.

The Hyster it makes my job a lot more easier (sic) in operating and giving good service.”

Wayne Morris – General Manager National Operations at ACFS

“Hyster was chosen we like to partnership (sic) with companies that have a partnership nationally.

ACFS have a presence nationally that’s important to us as well, so if we have a need particularly in our peak seasons, having the ability to support us in our time of need”

Hyster’s range of container handling units, are the premier intermodal handlers for the logistics industry.

Units are available in a variety of lift capacities with flexible setup options to meet even the most demanding handling operations.

ACFS utilise a large fleet of Hyster’s laden and unladen container handlers and RS45-46 reach stackers to keep their port operations functioning at optimal capacity.

The units have a number of industry leading features as described below:

Fastest Lift Speed

  • Hyster’s RS45-46 Reach Stacker’s hydraulic system is highly efficient, featuring power on demand and two-speed lift functions

Average of four lifting modes:

  • Unladed lift speed = 0.48m/sec
  • Laden lift speed = 0.25m/sec @ 75% load = 35T
  • Unladed lowering speed = 0.45m/sec
  • Laden lowering speed = 0.46m/sec

Optimised visibility

  • All big truck units are fitted with Hyster’s Vista cab the industry leading ergonomic operator environment, optimising driver comfort and visibility for maximum productivity

Up to 6 high container stacking*

  • Reach stacker units have the ability to lift containers up to three rows deep and six containers high
  • Laden container handlers have the ability to lift up to 5 containers high and unladen container handlers can lift 6 containers high

Double container handling

  • Unladen container handler have the ability to lift two containers at a time, with unique hook and side clamps or double twist lock spreader attachments*

Highest stability

  • All units are designed to reduce side rocking and forward motion providing the highest stability during lifting operations

*container lifting ability may vary based on unit specifications and container load weights.