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Short-Term Forklift Rental Can Assist During Unexpected High Demand

by Paul Hinz
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For businesses that rely on daily materials handling movements to meet busy product flows, the importance of having a reliable fleet of forklifts and other materials handling equipment (MHE) is imperative.

Due to the current global situation of Covid-19 a number of businesses such as major grocery stores and medical supply companies have seen rapid growth in the demand for their products.

This increased demand for products may lead to companies needing to bolster their fleets of forklifts and MHE to move and transport goods and supplies to meet the ever increasing demand.

One way Company’s are increasing their forklift and MHE fleets to meet this increased demand is through short-term rental.

Handling Unexpected High Demand or Seasonal Peaks

For company’s who maintain a consistent level of materials handling movements throughout a year then purchasing forklifts or MHE equipment will likely be the most efficient choice as it is a known fact the units will be in continuous use the entire time.

Alternatively for company’s dealing with unexpected temporary higher volumes of orders or seasonal peaks of demand such as during the current Covid-19 pandemic, short-term rental of forklifts or MHE equipment can be the most efficient way to meet the temporary increased demands.

Benefits of Short-Term Forklift and MHE Rental

Eliminates Dormant Equipment

Short-term rental of units during periods of higher demand ensures the company is only paying for the units when they are being utilised to meet the peak demand, ensuring productivity is kept high during peaks of a business cycle.

It eliminates the costly potential of the company having to store and maintain underutilised equipment after the unexpected volumes return to normal or seasonal peak ends if it was purchased outright.

Added Flexibility

A good relationship with a forklift and MHE supplier can add greater flexibility to a company’s fleet options.

New forklifts and equipment can be delivered promptly when required to meet peak times or stand-in units can be provided when a regular fleet unit needs to be removed form service due to an unexpected breakdown or routine maintenance.

The prompt supply of a replacement unit means operations are not majorly impacted and the company is able to resume normal operations as soon as possible.

Access to the Latest Technology

When undertaking short-term rental companies can often access the most up to date units with the latest technology and features.

The utilisation of newer units with advance features and better safety can have a positive impact on a company’s long-term forklift and MHE fleet requirements as they’re able to trial the latest equipment during peak times and then possibly adopt the newer safer equipment when looking to replace their old fleet.

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Financial Benefits

Short-term rental can have a major positive financial impact for companies.

Renting equipment removes the largest barrier which is the high upfront costs of forklifts and MHE.

Renting the equipment also provides financial certainty for companies as they know the outlay for renting their forklift will remain the same (whether weekly, monthly or annually) for the duration of the rental contract.

In addition to not having to outlay larger sums of capital to purchase a forklift and the financial certainty of knowing your rental rate, companies who rent do not have to worry about depreciation in the value of their asset as they do not own the forklift.

Short term forklift rental financial benefits

Maintenance Included

When signing up a short-term rental contract it is important to double check if routine maintenance and breakdown service is included.

The majority of suppliers are able to include this in a rental agreement at the request of a client.

This again provides a cost saving to the company as they are fully covered for any routine maintenance or unexpected breakdown of the rental unit.

Having routine maintenance and breakdown service included in a rental agreement provides peace of mind that the units will be maintained or repaired to optimal levels by a qualified and skilled technician provided by the rental supplier.

Forklift battery cleaning

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