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Hyster Big Trucks Improving Productivity at Port Melbourne Containers

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When Port Melbourne Containers were established in March 2006, they already had the beginnings of a strong and successful relationship with Adaptalift Group. Having procured an existing container park that already consisted of a number of Hyster Forklifts, Port Melbourne Containers experienced early on in the relationship the reliability, strength and durability of the Hyster brand. In the hard-working and ambitious company that is Port Melbourne Containers, Hyster Big Trucks have played an important role in the productivity of the business.

Hyster container handlers Melbourne Port Containers

Port Melbourne Containers consists of a 12 acre empty container park with the capacity to hold 5500 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent). Hiring 18 full time staff and up to 15 sub-contractors, Port Melbourne Containers offer a range of services including empty container storage, an empty container repair workshop and an AQIS approved wash bay. The depots wash facility is capable of holding up to 39 containers at a time. Regular changes during each working day allow them to wash vast amounts of containers in order to keep up with the speedy movement of stock within the depot.

The Port Melbourne Containers site is mostly sealed with dedicated loading and unloading areas. Looking to find a machine that would suit their application and ensure the productivity of their business, Port Melbourne Containers chose to use Hyster H22.00XM-12EC Empty Container Handlers. These Empty Container Handlers have provided Port Melbourne Containers continued speed and ease of stock movement, whilst providing operators the use of an ergonomic, strong and durable machine that compliments their working environment.

Port Melbourne Containers have benefited most from the ergonomic design of the Empty Container Handlers, stating that not only do they improve the productivity of their business but also improve upon employee retention rates. The ergonomic design is seen in the Hyster ‘Vista’ cab which provides low noise, high visibility and air conditioning. The noise level is only 73 dB (A) Leq at the drivers’ ear. When operators at Port Melbourne Containers spend over eight hours in their cab, these features are important in ensuring they are comfortable, alert and productive throughout their working day. Port Melbourne Containers are aware that the cab is the operators’ office and they want to ensure that the operators are able to work to the best of their ability at all times. The Hyster H22.00XM-12EC Empty Container Handlers allow them to achieve this goal.

Port Melbourne Containers have been quick to highlight strength and durability, as aspects of the Empty Container Handlers; they have been able to benefit from the most. The Empty Container Handlers feature an exceptionally strong mast and frame that has been specifically designed to facilitate empty container handling operations. Port Melbourne Containers have been able to utilise the machines 8-high container stacking capability to stack their containers at full height, allowing for maximum container density. They have also been able to utilise the updated spreader design. This has allowed for extra manoeuvrability and less stress on the spreader in their operation. When speed and ease of stock movement is a significant factor in the success of their business, Port Melbourne Containers are aware of the importance of these features in the Empty Container Handlers. These features guarantee the productiveness of the business through providing a quick and easy way to handle stock and also highlight the benefits of the strength the machine provides.

Port Melbourne Containers have been able to take full advantage of the H22.00XM-12EC Empty Container Handlers to improve the productivity of their business. They have used the machines to ensure the speed and ease of which their operators work, improving turnaround times and company moral.

Port Melbourne Containers are a thriving business who aims to be the best in their industry. They strive to achieve second to none turnaround times for all container movements within the depot and their mission to provide un-paralleled levels of service and quality echo the goals of Adaptalift Group. The similar mindset and goals of each company has set the foundation of a strong and successful relationship between Port Melbourne Containers and Adaptalift Group.

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