Sims Metal Management Invests in the Latest Electric Forklifts

18 February 2020

Sims Metal Management is implementing positive changes to help meet its sustainability targets and has started transitioning its fleet of vehicles and machinery from non-renewable fuels to electric.

Sims’ latest investment is in a number of new Hyster five-tonne battery powered electric forklift trucks supplied by the Adaptalift Group.

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Forklifts for Tight Spaces – What are your Options?

17 February 2020

With warehouse rents in Melbourne increasing by 5.5% in 2019, retailers and owners are looking to maximise the amount of usable warehouse space in their existing facilities.

One way this is occurring is by reconfiguring warehouse setups with narrower aisles and adopting the use of a wide variety of specialist very narrow aisle (VNA) materials handling units.

This week’s blog highlights some of the key narrow aisle materials handling units available from Adaptalift Group.

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Features and Benefits of Forklift Bin Tipper Attachments

7 February 2020

Easy to install and operate forklift bin tipper attachments allow the easy and rapid movement and dumping of product and waste.

This week’s blog looks at the features and benefits of using bin tipper attachments.

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New Lithium Battery Electric Pallet Jack - Benefits

31 January 2020

Manually operated hand pallet jacks/trucks have been a mainstay of materials handling operations for years.

As the size of loads and frequency of movements increase many businesses are looking for more efficient and safer ways for operators to move loaded pallets.

One advancement in the engineering of hand pallet jacks/trucks to improve efficiency and operator safety is battery electric versions.
In this week’s blog we look at the features and advantages of the Liftsmart PT15-3 battery electric pallet jack/truck.

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Bale Clamp Forklift Attachment Benefits

24 January 2020

This week’s blog looks at another beneficial forklift attachment bale clamps and how they benefits industries in moving bales of product.

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Benefits of Forklift Rotator Attachments

17 January 2020

This week’s blog provides a brief overview of forklift rotator attachments and their benefits to forklift operations.

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Bushfire Donations

8 January 2020

Bushfire Donations

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Forklift Safety Precautions for Operating in the Rain

16 December 2019

With increasing occurrences of wild and unpredictable weather resulting in heavy downpours of rain this week’s blog looks at important precautions and considerations to operate a forklift during wet weather.

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4 Key Considerations When Hiring an Elevated Work Platform

27 November 2019

With increases in elevating work platform hire, it is imperative that operator and site safety are the number one priority.

Hiring the wrong EWP or having inexperienced operators can increase the risks associated with working at heights.

This week’s blog looks at four key considerations when making a decision on which EWP unit is best to hire for an application.

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Ergonomic Scissor Lift Tables – Improving Worker Safety

11 November 2019

The repetitive motion of bending down to pick-up stock from the floor to then put away on shelves is a common source of worker injuries including back and muscle strains.

To assist in the prevention of worker injuries Adaptalift recommend warehouses invest in and prescribe workers use scissor lift tables.

This week’s blog provides a brief overview of scissor lift tables, their benefits and a list of basic do’s and don’ts.

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