Short-Term Forklift Rental Can Assist During Unexpected High Demand

2 July 2020

Due to the current global situation of Covid-19 a number of businesses such as major grocery stores and medical supply companies have seen rapid growth in the demand for their products.

This increased demand for products may lead to companies needing to bolster their fleets of forklifts and MHE to move and transport goods and supplies to meet the ever increasing demand.

One way Company’s are increasing their forklift and MHE fleets to meet this increased demand is through short-term rental.

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Kalexpress/Sullivan Logistics overcome the challenges of maintaining their forklift fleet with Adaptalift Group

29 June 2020

Kalexpress/Sullivan Logistics overcome the challenges of maintaining their forklift fleet with Adaptalift Group

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Combilift WR4 - Safer Pedestrian Long Load Handling

26 June 2020

The Combilift WR4 was the first pedestrian stacker to integrate multi-directional travel with features such as a pantograph reach, side-shift and tilting tyne carriage for handling long loads.

Following on from last week’s blog that looked at the safety benefits provided by Combilift’s C and CB series of ride-on forklifts when handling long loads, this week’s blog highlights the improved safety and benefits of Combilift’s WR4 pedestrian stacker for long load handling.

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Should You Finance a Forklift Purchase

23 June 2020

Thinking about financing a forklift purchase for your business? Check out this blog from Adaptalift. Contact our friendly team to find out more.

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Safer Long Load Handling with Combilift

17 June 2020

Handling long loads such extended lengths of timber, steel or aluminium can be inherently dangerous for operators and those working in surrounding areas.

This week’s blog looks at the safety improvements and flow on benefits experienced by customers upon their adoption of Combilift multi-directional forklifts for the safe movement of extended length loads.

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10 Considerations Before Purchasing a New Industrial Sweeper or Scrubber

9 June 2020

This week’s blog looks at ten key considerations that need to be evaluated before committing to the purchase or rental of a new industrial sweeper or scrubber.

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Combilift’s Covid-19 Operational and Manufacturing Changes

2 June 2020

This week’s blog gives an insight into the changes Combilift Ireland has implemented to comply with Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines to safeguard their employees’ health, whilst allowing their manufacturing operations to continue.

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Flameproof Forklifts

26 May 2020

For companies whose forklifts operate in hazardous environments, Adaptalift Group with our partners are able to supply a range of flameproof forklifts to lower the risk of ignition whilst increasing overall safety.

This week’s blog provides a general overview of flameproof forklifts.

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Forklifts for the Steel Industry

22 May 2020

Steel manufacturers, fabricators and suppliers regularly lift and transport heavy and long loads such as such as structural steel beams.

Due to the size and weight of loads it can often be harder to manoeuvre them around a supply yard, onto transport or on a job site.

This week’s blog looks at specialist forklifts and materials handling unit that allow for the easy and safe movement of steel products.

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Forklifts for the Agriculture Industry

5 May 2020

In the farming and agriculture industries there are a wide variety of large and heavy loads that need lifting.

To safely and efficiently carry these large and heavy loads a rough terrain forklift or telehandler are the ideal solution.

This week’s blog highlights three ideal agriculture forklift solutions Adaptalift Group has for sale and hire that can assist our customers.

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