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Forklift Non-Marking Tyres Investigated

3 April 2014

Non-marking tyres are widely used to eliminate black marks on warehouse floors.

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Pallet Design Types

23 September 2013

This week we take a look at pallet design types and the differences between the types of pallets which can be used within the warehouse.

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Knowing your Forklift's Load Capacity

23 July 2013

As more forklift options and attachments become available, it is increasingly important for forklift operators to have a clear understanding of their forklift’s load capacity and the risks that are involved in exceeding it.

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General Rules about Forklift Pricing

27 February 2013

There are a few general rules to be aware of when assessing the price of a forklift.

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LPG VS. Battery Electric Forklifts

18 October 2012

Weighing up the financial and environmental costs associated with the decision between LPG and Electric forklifts.

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3 Wheel Electric Forklifts vs 4 Wheel Electric Forklifts

22 June 2012

The decision to buy or rent a 3 or 4 wheel electric counter-balance forklift can sometimes be confusing.

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What is a Walkie-Stacker? Basic Types & Application Guidelines

23 May 2012

There are many different types of walkie stackers that are suited to different applications

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What is a Turret Truck (VNA)? Basics 101

6 March 2012

A turret truck is specifically designed to do one task: operate in very narrow aisles. The turret truck is often abbreviated to VNA standing for very narrow aisle truck.

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How to get a forklift licence in Australia – FAQ’s

14 December 2011

What are the prerequisites of getting a forklift licence? Take a look at our FAQ on this topic.

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How to choose between a Reach Stacker and a Dedicated Container Handler

21 September 2011

Will a Reach Stacker or dedicated Container Handler work best in your operation? It can be tricky to decide, as both offer various benefits.

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