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Tips and Safety Precautions for Operating a Forklift in Winter Conditions

21 July 2017

This blog post will provide five important tips and safety precautions to help businesses prepare their materials handling fleet and operators for winter conditions.

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Camera & Laser Level Forklift Aid Systems for High Lifting Operations

7 July 2017

Two mechanical aids that can be installed to assist in the safe storage or removal of goods at heights, these being camera or laser level systems.

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Forklift Fatality and Injury Analysis

16 February 2017

Forklift operator and pedestrian safety should be of paramount importance to all companies who operate forklifts, no matter if it is a single unit or a whole fleet.

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12 Safety Tips When Working With Industrial Batteries

9 May 2016

This post will look at 12 safety tips when working with industrial batteries.

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Designing a safe forklift battery charging room

26 April 2016

The use of battery electric forklifts continues to rise as company’s become more conscious of their corporate social responsibilities.

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Noise induced hearing loss and forklift operations

14 May 2015

Due to the size and power of the vehicles, operators can be exposed to high volumes of noise on a regular basis.

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High Risk Work Licence – What You Need to Know

3 September 2014

A High Risk Work Licence is a photographic licence issued to people who have been trained and assessed as competent to work in a class of work defined as high risk work.

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Safety Fail of the Week: Lifting a forklift with another forklift

13 August 2014

In this blog post, we will look at what these two operators did wrong, and what they could have done differently.

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Changes to Australian Standards affecting Forklift Manufacturing (AS 2359.6)

30 July 2014

This year, a few major changes were made to the Australian Standards of the manufacturing of forklifts.

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Should Mobile Phone use be prohibited whilst operating a Forklift?

10 April 2014

The dangers of mobile use whilst driving a forklift in the warehouse.

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