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Fleet Replacement and Lifecycle Management

15 October 2014

Fleet management a term used to describe the management of a company’s transportation fleet.

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High Risk Work Licence – What You Need to Know

3 September 2014

A High Risk Work Licence is a photographic licence issued to people who have been trained and assessed as competent to work in a class of work defined as high risk work.

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Safety Fail of the Week: Lifting a forklift with another forklift

13 August 2014

In this blog post, we will look at what these two operators did wrong, and what they could have done differently.

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Forklift Selection – Choosing the Right Forklift for Your Business

6 August 2014

Choosing the right forklift is important for your business. It affects everything from operation costs, productivity, employee morale and stock management.

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Changes to Australian Standards affecting Forklift Manufacturing (AS 2359.6)

30 July 2014

This year, a few major changes were made to the Australian Standards of the manufacturing of forklifts.

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8 Ways to Lower your Materials Handling Costs in Time for EOFY

11 June 2014

We’ve put together 8 ways you can lower your materials handling costs in the lead up to EOFY.

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What is a Sideloader?

23 April 2014

A sideloader does exactly what its title suggests. It loads and unloads from the side of machine.

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Should Mobile Phone use be prohibited whilst operating a Forklift?

10 April 2014

The dangers of mobile use whilst driving a forklift in the warehouse.

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Forklift Non-Marking Tyres Investigated

3 April 2014

Non-marking tyres are widely used to eliminate black marks on warehouse floors.

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Operating Forklifts Safely on a Slope

20 March 2014

Forklifts can be dangerous vehicles when operators have not had sufficient training and are not fully competent in their use.

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