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Forklift Safety Precautions for Operating in the Rain

16 December 2019

With increasing occurrences of wild and unpredictable weather resulting in heavy downpours of rain this week’s blog looks at important precautions and considerations to operate a forklift during wet weather.

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4 Key Considerations When Hiring an Elevated Work Platform

27 November 2019

With increases in elevating work platform hire, it is imperative that operator and site safety are the number one priority.

Hiring the wrong EWP or having inexperienced operators can increase the risks associated with working at heights.

This week’s blog looks at four key considerations when making a decision on which EWP unit is best to hire for an application.

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Ergonomic Scissor Lift Tables – Improving Worker Safety

11 November 2019

The repetitive motion of bending down to pick-up stock from the floor to then put away on shelves is a common source of worker injuries including back and muscle strains.

To assist in the prevention of worker injuries Adaptalift recommend warehouses invest in and prescribe workers use scissor lift tables.

This week’s blog provides a brief overview of scissor lift tables, their benefits and a list of basic do’s and don’ts.

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EWP Inspections When to Complete them and Why they’re Important

21 October 2019

Under Australian standard AS 2250.10-2006 all EWP units including scissor lifts, boom lifts and telehandlers must undergo a major inspection every ten years from their date of manufacture.

As well as testing unit functions one of the main aims of the inspection is to look for and immediately replace any components showing signs of wear, fatigue or corrosion.

This week’s blog highlights the different types of inspections by law are required to be undertaken throughout a EWP unit’s life cycle.

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Reducing Crush Risks for Elevating Work Platforms Operators

11 October 2019

In our previous blog post examined ways to reduce the risk of falling from mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP).

This week’s blog looks at another key safety concern for EWP operators the risk of being crushed while operating EWP units.

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Reducing the Risk of Falling From Access Equipment

10 October 2019

This week’s blog identifies the most common reasons for operator falls and how the use of personal fall protection equipment (PFPE) can reduce the fall risks of operators greatly.

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Advantages of Hot Water Pressure Cleaners

12 September 2019

High pressure cleaners offer advantages in terms of economy, cleaning results and environmental impact.

Adaptalift Group offers a complete range of Karcher high pressure cleaners including cold and hot water models.

This week blog looks at the advantages of hot water pressure cleaners.

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Adaptalift Group Expands Yale Offering in NSW and VIC

10 September 2019

Adaptalift Group is pleased to announce further expansion to our national network and product offering with the recent establishment of our partnership with Yale Forklifts in NSW and Victoria.

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Adaptalift Group brings innovative container slip-sheet loading system to the Australian market

9 September 2019

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20 Tips for Operating a Forklift Safely

9 September 2019

This weeks blog provides some simple tips to follow to ensure safe operation of forklifts. They are a good starting point to support workplace health and safety guidelines.

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