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The Benefits of Buying a Second Hand Forklift

17 November 2020

Is it worth purchasing second hand?

We take a look at some of the benefits of purchasing a used forklift.

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Forklift Repairs vs a New Purchase

12 November 2020

The age-old question: to repair or to replace?

This blog looks at some of the questions to ask when deciding to repair or replace your forklift.

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How Much Does a Forklift Weigh

22 October 2020

This week’s blog looks at forklifts service weight and why it is important to know the weight of a forklift before operating it.

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What is a Telehandler?

17 September 2020

Telehandler short for telescopic handler are a versatile hydraulic lifting unit that is often used in the construction, farming and agriculture sectors.

This week’s blog briefly explains what a telehandler is and then looks at some of the key benefits they offer to operators.

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How to Determine If You Need an Extra Forklift

1 September 2020

Moving stock from one point to another is the main role of a forklift, which comes in handy when you’re dealing with heavy loads.

However, work can quickly pile up and that’s when it may be worth investigating available options to acquire an additional forklift.

But how do you know when to make the call? Keep reading below for reasons why it may be beneficial to acquire an additional forklift.

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The Benefits of Electric Forklifts

20 August 2020

Read how electric forklifts with their lower running costs, higher productivity, quieter and emission free operation, are seen as an attractive alternative to the traditional, internal combustion forklift.

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Forklift Classes Explained

19 August 2020

The Australian Forklift and Industrial Truck Association (AFITA) list eight distinct classes that forklifts and MHE can be classified under, in this weeks blog we profile each of the eight classification classes and provide examples of each from our product range.

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What to Look for When Buying a Used Forklift

6 August 2020

Check out this guide from Adaptalift on what to look out for when buying a used forklift and you’ll be well prepared to make the right choice for your operation.

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What are the Most Common Forklift Types?

3 August 2020

In this week’s blog we profile the most common and popular types of forklifts and materials handling equipment to assist in choosing the correct unit for your application.

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Choosing the best forklift tyre for low and medium intensity operations

24 July 2020

In this week we recap the criteria the needs to be considered to help determine the most suitable tyre compound, profile and size for your forklift, whilst also profiling some of the available tyre options from Trelleborg that are suitable for low and medium intensity operations.

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